Friday , August 12 2022

Government gags bush as haumaha farce rolls on – bishop


The government's refusal to release the Wally Haumaha inquiry report it has had for almost a week has resulted in police commissioner Mike Bush refusing to answer questions this morning, said police chief Chris Bishop.

"Commissioner Bush acted on behalf of the police in this committee this morning but refused to answer any questions about the report, Haumaha's appointment, the bullying laws against Haumaha and any political band Haumaha had.

"This meeting was arranged a few weeks ago. The government's cynical move to delay the release of the report until after the interrogation is shameful and again lies a lie to the commitment that the government will be most open and transparent in history.

"Any question asked to the Commissioner about the report was met with stonewall defense.

"The Commissioner refused to answer any questions about what he knew about Haumaha's comments on Operation Austin, what he said or did not say to Minister Nash or Prime Minister Ardern about his knowledge and if he had confidence in Mr. Haumaha.

"Commissioner Bush revealed that the police had" extensive legal advice "about who had the authority to stand up for Haumaha. Bush confirmed that it was" not him. "This is a direct contradiction to the prime minister who has previously described this as an" employment case "for the Commissioner.

"Bush's clarification and opposition to the prime minister are welcome. Haumaha was the prime minister's appointment, made on recommendation to the Governor General. She must own it, and she must address this unacceptable situation."

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