Wednesday , May 18 2022

Facebook expands dating feature to Thailand and Canada


By further developing its plan to address popular dating applications like Tinder and Bumble, Facebook has announced the expansion of its dating skills test to two new countries – Canada and Thailand.

It is well known that Facebook has developed a computer program using the huge amount of user data that the platform potentially has access to. The data is confirmed by the fact that California-based companies had approximately 2.27 billion active users in the third quarter of 2018, reveals a survey of Statista.

The test service "Facebook Dating" was first launched in Colombia in September, reports on economic time. The feature included user integration with groups and events on the platform for social networks with the idea of ​​encouraging people to evolve against real interactions from the virtual territory.

And, referring to a report from The Verge, says the ET article, there is a new feature on board this time. This feature is called "Second Look" and allows users to rethink an earlier decision. You can also pause the match if they no longer look so far.

Facebook hopes to expand its user base with the new dating feature. The test feature is now available to users 18 years and older, free of cost and without advertising or premium features, adds the report.

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