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Azhar, Harris Keep Pakistan on track

Live Score, Pakistan vs New Zealand, First Test Day 1 in Abu Dhabi: Azhar, Harris Keep Pakistan on track

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Pakistan will focus on their knowledge of the conditions and consistent driving in the longest format of the game in recent times when they pass the first of three tests against New Zealand in Abu Dhabi from Friday (November 16). The hosts start safely as Favorites enter the meeting with most of their players showing excellent new form. They have a powerful bowling attack with Mohammad Abbas, who broke Australia's back with a ten wicket haul in the same place last month, leading the pace department. He recently took a 12-in in a first-class game for his side, Sui Northern, and will get his tail up to get into the first test.

In addition to the formidable pace, Pakistan also has some excellent spinners in the experienced Yasir Shah, Bilal Asif and the constantly reliable Mohammad Hafeez. Asif gave a good account of himself in his debut series against Australia where he picked up nine wickets in the two tests, including a 6/36 in his first match in Dubai. Pakistan hopes for a similar show from him will also be New Zealand Test.

Pakistan has had a good run in recent times in the test. They beat Ireland's Girl Test, then shared a two-match Test series in England 1-1, and recently won the two-Test series against Australia in the UAE 1-0.

Having said that, New Zealand demonstrated the promise of the recently completed T20I and ODI series and will hope to bring out its A-game against the hosts. They have a good record in UAE, which has the level of the only series of tests they played here in 2014 1-1. Seven of the players who were part of the squad are still present this time and will be keen to give Pakistan a run for their money.

Comment (Pakistan innings)

22.6 A Patel to Sohail, Flighted and full outside, pushes Sohail forward and defends it with soft hands. It will be Stumps on Day 1! 59/2

22.5 A Patel to Sohail, Loopy full ball on, turn back something, pulls Haris forward and defends. 59/2

22.4 A Patel to H Sohail, gives this extra air and serves it very full outside, Sohail drives it through additional protection for another sleeve. 59/2

22.3 A Patel to Sohail, Narrower and Shorter, Haris rock back and punches it through cover for a couple of runs. 57/2

22.2 A Patel to Ali, Short this time, wide outside, Ali cut it with spider to cover point where Raval makes a dive stop. A single shot. 55/2

22.1 A patch to Ali, beaten! Drifting in the batsman, landing around and spinning away with extra bounce, Azhar tries to defend himself from crease but it's successful. 54/2

By the end of the day …

21.6 N Wagner to H Sohail, FOUR! Just a gentle push and it has gone all the way to the fence. Full and off, sohail gives the straight flattering treatment. It finds its pilgrim's sweet spot and hurries through the waist for a border and strikes Raval's mighty effort. 54/2

21.5 N Wagner to Sohail, digging in a bouncer, around, Sohail ends this time. 50/2

21.4 N Wagner to Sohail, land it on a length around, cover the Sohail line and kill the flags from the week. 50/2

21.3 N Wagner to Sohail, Bouncer around the middle, Sohail ducks. 50/2

21.2 N Wagner to Ali, Short in length and pulled from fold to deep mid-wicket for a run. 50 coming up for Pakistan! 50/2

21.1 N Wagner to Sohail, For full length and round the leg it is cut through square legs for one. 49/2

20.6 A Patel to Ali, Gets faster through the air this time, around Azhar holds it on the cover. 48/2

20.5 A Patel to Ali, slower one, extra loop, landing full of it has been pushed by the front foot to cover. 48/2

20.4 A Patel to Ali, Army, in the middle, Azhar comes back and works it from his pillows to mid-wicket. 48/2

20.3 A Patel to Ali, Ali has played it outside the foot and in the field. 48/2

20.2 A patel to Ali, Tossed ball on, spin a little, Azhar gets squared up and then defends it to the outside. 48/2

20.1 A Patel to Ali, A front foot ride from the flute Azhar Ali, but he finds the cover plate. 48/2

19.6 N Wagner to Ali, Bangs in another short ball, round the leg, Ali returns and draws it behind the square leg for a run. 48/2

19.5 N Wagner to Ali, Shortish and on the leg, Ali goes to his toes and knocks it down to the card. 47/2

19.4 N Wagner to Ali, Wagner digs in a short ball, around and fish away, Azhar shows good technique as he drops his wrists and hovering away from the line. 47/2

19.3 N Wagner to Ali, Taking it in line with the stumps, in good length, Azhar continues to put and defend it to the outside. 47/2

19.2 N Wagner to Ali, This is quite harmless, outside, Ali allows it through. 47/2

19.1 N Wagner to Ali, land it on a length around, defended by the hind foot to the outside. 47/2

18.6 A Patel to Sohail, Faster and on, worked on his legs but straight to the field. 47/2

18.5 A Patel to Sohail, call for a lbw! Not given and Kane Williamson decides not to review it. Big spin in the batsman from the outside, this time Haris offers no shot and wears it on his pillows. The appeals and the referee think it has not spun enough. Kane has seen a chat with his goalkeeper but decides not to take DRS. Good choice. 47/2

18.4 A Patel to Sohail, Defended by the front foot of the batsman who presents the whole face of the bat. 47/2

18.3 A Patel to Sohail, Floated full ball on off, defended by the front foot. 47/2

18.2 A Patel to Sohail, goes down the track, almost yorks himself and just digs it out at the last moment. 47/2

18.1 A Patel to Sohail, Excellent Delivery. To land outside and break back to the batsman, Haris lets vigilously through. 47/2

5 more left in the game today. Ajaz Patel continues …

17.6 N Wagner to Ali, This is angled away from the batsman outside, an easy journey to Azhar again. 47/2

17.5 N Wagner to Ali, Bouncer around the leg, Azhar ducks underneath it comfortably. 47/2

17.4 N Wagner to Sohail, A touch short and round, Sohail uses his wrists to play it in the mid wicket gap for a quick single. 47/2

17.3 N Wagner to Sohail, Fishing in the batsman, in full length again, solidly defended. 46/2

17.2 N Wagner to Sohail, Fullish and in the middle, Sohail pushes down to the middle with a straight bat. 46/2

17.1 N Wagner to Sohail, Right on the money's first ball. Full and round, you fish, Sohail takes down a straight bat in defense. 46/2

Neil Wagner is introduced in the attack. Watch out for his pace and length. He can be quite scary sometimes.

16.6 A patel to Ali, Armboll this time. It glides with the angle after landing, Ali goes deep inside the court and defends it back at the last moment. 46/2

16.5 A Patel to Ali, Tossed up ball on off, defended from foot to cover. 46/2

16.4 A Patel to Ali, Spinning away from the batsman, Azhar drives it by cover and collects a couple of runs. 46/2

16.3 A Patel to Ali, pushes forward to a full ball and blocks it safely. 44/2

16.2 A Patel to Ali, slower through the air, a bit extra loop on this as it lands all the way around, Azhar Ali defends from the inner half of the bat to mid-wicket. 44/2

16.1 A Patel to Sohail, Smickers through the air, around outside, camps Haris Sohail back and punches it through the back point for three runs. 44/2

15.6 The Grandhomme to Ali, next to the outside, leaves the batsman alone. 41/2

15.5 The Grandhomme to Ali, Variable bounce on this occasion. Azhar does leave outside and it does not contribute to the goalkeeper. 41/2

15.4 The Grandhomme to A Ali, Fullish and in the middle, pushed down the ground but straight to the middle. 41/2

15.3 The Grandhomme to Ali, An inswinger this time, lands outside and shapes back, Ali takes a step forward to cover the line and then makes a leave. 41/2

15.2 The Grandhomme to Ali, on a length and on the outside, shape, Azhar shoulder shoulder. 41/2

15.1 The Grandhomme to Ali, Fullish and on, Azhar defends it by coming over and over. Expanded spell this for Colin, into his 8th over now. 41/2

14.6 A Patel to Ali, Rocks back to a short ball and punches it against the cover of one. 41/2

14.5 A Patel to Ali stretches to a full ball and drives it properly through the line. The stupid point fielder jumps to place and it goes straight to the cover fielder. 40/2

14.4 A Patel to Ali, goes down the track and gets fooled a little while. Ali is doing well eventually to block it safely past a stupid point. 40/2

14.3 A patel to Ali, slower through the air, full and off, Ali once again blocks it from his front foot. 40/2

14.2 A Patel to Ali, fly full ball, Ali defends it by moving forward. 40/2

14.1 A Patel to a Ali, Flat and short, Azhar spells it out of his back but finds the point fielder. 40/2

13.6 the Grandhomme to Sohail, again Sohail keeps calm and allows a long ball through to the goalkeeper. Virgin! 40/2

13.5 The Grandhomme to Sohail, A long-distance delivery outside, makes the fourth leave in a row. 40/2

13.4 the Grandhomme to Sohail, Another convenient leave off the stump of Haris. 40/2

13.3 the Grandhomme to Sohail, once again play patrol patience. Keep it in the channel outside and urge the batsman to go after it. Sohail is awake so far. 40/2

13.2 The Grandhomme to Sohail, Fuller in length and beyond, are left alone by Haris. 40/2

13.1 The Grandhomme to Sohail, landing it all the way around, Sohail defends it from week to distance. 40/2

12.6 A Patel to Ali, Tossed ball in the middle, spinning on landing, Azhar shoots his weight on his back foot and defends it down. 40/2

12.5 A Patel to Ali, Fuller and on, defended back to the bowler from the front foot. 40/2

12.4 A Patel to Ali, Identical to the Last Delivery, this time Ali shoots it with an angled bats to cover. 40/2

12.3 A Patel to Ali, Full and Round, drives and runs away, Ali defends it from his front foot. 40/2

12.2 A Patel to Ali, threw up the ball around and runs away after landing, Ali allows it to the goalkeeper. 40/2

12.1 A Patel to Ali, Floated delivery at first, but he landes it too full around, Azhar leans forward and drives it through cover for a couple of runs. 40/2

Debutant in action. Ajaz Patel has the ball in his hand.

11.6 The Grandhomme to H Sohail, Fullish and around, Sohail screams his attempt to drive to where Henry misfields again. No drive though. 38/2

11.5 The Grandhomme to Sohail, Oohhh … it's unplayable! Colin puts it on a length around the middle and off, Haris tries to defend it with a straight bat, but it's nips at the last moment to hit his bat. Must say, I was critical of his bowling at the beginning but Colin has definitely made a nice rhythm. 38/2

11.4 The Grandhomme to Sohail, Third left alone in a row. He has been very alert to deliveries outside the blunt and punishes everything in the stump. 38/2

11.3 The Grandhomme to Sohail, Another mild delivery in the outside zone, alone. 38/2

11.2 The Grandhomme to Sohail, choose to leave the ball outside its off-stump. 38/2

11.1 the Grandhomme to Sohail, FOUR! And again! Second wonderful device from Sohail's bat in no time. Colin skips in the stumps, Haris moves forward and with a beautiful batch of bats, he spikes his straight unit. 38/2

10.6 T Boult to Ali, the battle ends! Boult throws out a long-term delivery in the middle and off, hangs off, Ali shoots inside the line without any footwork and is beaten completely. 34/2

10.5 T Boult to Sohail, the back of an extended delivery on off, it is stamped by the back foot to point to where Nicholls misfields and allow a single. 34/2

10.4 T Boult to Sohail, FOUR! Beautiful shot. Wonderful way to get rid of the brand. Right from Boult, Haris Sohail offers a straight bat in response as he drives it back into the field. No, stop it there, the time is so good. 33/2

10.3 T Boult to Sohail, Keeping his line outside, on a length, alone. 29/2

10.2 T Boult to Sohail, the back of a long delivery coming in from around, covers the Sohail line and is blocked well. 29/2

10.1 T Boult to Sohail, Lands it on a length outside, keeping its line, Sohail allows it through to the goalkeeper. 29/2

9.6 The Grandhomme to Ali, A long delivery on the leg, Ali defends it from his pillows to the leg. 29/2

9.5 The Grandhomme to Ali, Bowls it outside, makes it shaping, Azhar leans and drives it through the cover of a pair. 29/2

9.4 The Grandhomme to Ali, Lands it's fuller and on, Ali moves forward with a vertical bat and safely defends it. 27/2

9.3 The Grandhomme to Ali, full and fish in, any movement in the air, Azhar moves forward and blocks it solidly. 27/2

9.2 the Grandhomme to Ali, Batsman lets the ball go beyond his off-stump. 27/2

9.1 The Grandhomme to Ali, Shortish and Outside, Ali shakes arms. 27/2

8.6 T Boult to Sohail, Defended by the front foot of the batsman who presents the whole face of the bat. Another wicket maiden, back-to-back for New Zealand! 27/2

8.5 T Boult to Sohail, Sohail has defended it by getting right behind the delivery line. 27/2

8.4 T Boult to Sohail, the back of a long delivery outside, a bit extra studs, Sohail defends it from its back foot. Headlights are turned on. 27/2

Drinks break. Meanwhile, Haris Sohail is number 4 batsman.

8.3 T Boult to Hafeez, OUT! Wow, another fake shot and another wicket! I tell you, it does not matter how good or bad the pitch is, if you can not show the application you will not be successful. We saw it with Kiwi and now we see the same with Pakistan. Boult slammed in a short delivery around, hanging off, Hafeez's tower to pull it over the side of the board, interspersed his shot as well, but straight in the hands of Williamson at short mid-wicket. The idea was right, not the performance. The kiwis are happy. They are forward with 126 runs. 27/2

8.2 T Boult to Hafeez, Boult serves it very far outside, Hafeez has nothing to do with it. 27/1

8.1 T Boult to Hafeez, Delivery of good length, hanging from the batsman, Hafeez stays inside the folds and shoulders. 27/1

7.6 The Grandhomme to Ali, Shows the whole face of the ball and defends the ball from the back foot. End a successful transition to New Zealand, a wicket maiden! 27/1

7.5 The Grandhomme to Ali, Loose, very loose by Azhar. Colin delivers an outswinger outside, you should leave them early in the innings, but Ali is tempted in the shot. Have a lazy waft on it and miss. 27/1

7.4 The Grandhomme to Ali, Ali has played it outside the foot and in the field. 27/1

Azhar Ali is number 3 batsman.

7.3 The Grandhomme to Imam, UT! Caught on the gully! Can you believe that Colin de Grandhomme has succeeded in playing the batsman's patience. He continues to search the area outside and this time Imam is attracted to a device from his body. Failure that my shot fits correctly and it flies outside to the gully. Kane Williamson can take these prisoners even in sleep. 11th wicket of the day at a pitch that looked like a batting beauty. 27/1

7.2 the Grandhomme to Imam, In the canal wide outside outside, another easy vacation. 27/0

7.1 The Grandhomme to Imam, Gentle harmless delivery, outside and fishing, Imam covers his stumps and leaves it alone. Too light on Colin de Grandhomme. In one way, kiwis waste the new nut. Will come to Wagner. 27/0

6.6 T Boult to Hafeez, almost breaking it! A delivery around, hanging, Hafeez pushes it tamely from the fold and gets an inner edge on the cushions. Nervy moment. 27/0

6.5 T Boult to Hafeez, returns to over the wicket and angles over a good length of delivery on off. Hafeez goes on his back foot and defends it to the outside. 27/0

6.4 T Boult to Hafeez, FOUR! Nice, very nice. Beautiful timing, elegant look. As soon as Boult serves it fully and out, Hafeez takes his forehead and cream it through the lid. Two fielders were after that but the ball wins the race. 27/0

6.3 T Boult to Hafeez, long ball on, Hafeez defends it from his back foot. 23/0

6.2 T Boult to Imam, Good Movement this time. Imam leans a fuller length around, and bundles it next to a lively single. 23/0

6.1 T Boult to Imam, Fuller in length and on, Imam covers the movement and pushes it down to the middle. 22/0

5.6 The Grandhomme to Hafeez, Defended by the front foot of the batsman who presents the whole face of the bat. 22/0

5.5 The Grandhomme to Hafeez, in the corridor of uncertainty, chooses Hafeez to leave the ball outside his stun. 22/0

5.4 The Grandhomme to Hafeez, Uppish but surely! Colin slants in a long ball in the middle, Hafeez is early into the flap and thus fails to hold it down. It falls in front of Sodhi at mid-wicket, fortunately for Hafeez. 22/0

5.3 The Grandhomme to Imam, Fuller in the stumps, Imam plays it with soft hands in the middle and scampers over for a quick single. 22/0

5.2 The Grandhomme to Imam, In the channel outside, Imam allows it to the goalkeeper. 21/0

5.1 the grandhomme to imam, fishing from the batsman, outside, imam opens his face and plays it down through the back point for a couple of runs. 21/0

4.6 T Boult to Hafeez, Serving an inswinger, landing it next to outside on a length, Hafeez takes a step forward to cover the line and then shoulder arms. 19/0

4.5 T Boult to Hafeez, Shortish in the middle, cast of pads to square leg. 19/0

4.4 T Boult to Hafeez, Angles in a long-length ball from, around the wicket, Hafeez blocks it from his back foot. 19/0

4.3 T Boult to Imam, Another inswinger for southpaw, Imam fails to girl and hit high on the pillows. It deflects on the square leg and they steal a bone bye. 19/0

4.2 T Boult to Imam, Fullish and in the middle, Imam pushes down towards the center. More of a control shot. 18/0

4.1 T Boult to Imam, call for a lbw! But it dies soon after seeing the referee shake his head. Boult walks in an inswinger, lands around and slips down the leg, Imam fails to stick it out with a nice bat and turns on the cushions. Missing legs. 18/0

3.6 The Grandhomme to Hafeez, Shape away from the batsman, too wide outside, Hafeez has nothing to do with it. 18/0

3.5 The Grandhomme to Hafeez, Colin knows the pressure. Slipping a long ball down the gas side this time, Hafeez lets it be and Watling collects it by diving to the left. 18/0

3.4 the Grandhomme to M Hafeez, FOUR! Really substandard bowling. New Zealand is already missing Southee here. Short and wide outside, Hafeez camps back and hits the square on the wicket on the outside for another border. 18/0

3.3 the Grandhomme to Hafeez, FOUR! Do not bowl to this batsman! The Grandhomme, in particular, can not afford to make up for it at its rate. A juicy delivery, full and wide outside, takes Hafeez into consideration for the move away and hides its drive through cover. 14/0

3.2 The Grandhomme to Hafeez, Wicket to Wicket Line, the length is fuller and there is some inward movement. Hafeez turns it to mid-wicket at the last moment. 10/0

3.1 the Grandhomme to Hafeez, Good length of delivery on off, no real beat again, it is easily negotiated from the back of Hafeez. 10/0

2.6 T Boult to Hafeez, Sharp motion back to the batsman from around, Hafeez closes the face of the bat and helps it to fine legs for one. 10/0

2.5 T Boult to Hafeez, Fuller in the long run, Hafeez defends it by staying a week. 9/0

2.4 T Boult to Hafeez, FOUR! Boult switches to "around wicket" and earns a good length of delivery outside. It moves back with the angle and Hafeez only gives a print with an open face on his bat. Handles time and sets his shot through the back point of a border. 9/0

2.3 T Boult to Hafeez, smartly played! Boult angles over a length of delivery outside, Hafeez prods with an angled bat and pushes it over the point fielder for a couple of runs. 5/0

2.2 T Boult to Hafeez, Fullish and on, Hafeez blocks it by getting halfway forward. 3/0

2.1 T Boult to Imam, Wrong line, sliding down on the bens side, Imam picks up from his pillows and rubs it to the long leg for a run. 3/0

1.6 The Grandhomme to Hafeez, Fuller in length and around again, Hafeez walks forward and shoot it with an angled bat to cover. 2/0

1.5 The Grandhomme to Hafeez, An inswinger on this occasion but no real pace. It lands outside and has been easily left alone. 2/0

1.4 The Grandhomme to M Hafeez, again it's a charged delivery around, Hafeez gets down his bat and pushes it right in the middle. 2/0

1.3 The Grandhomme to Hafeez, this time Colin rinses the closer stun, it is fuller in length and there to be driven but Hafeez is vigilant right now and allows it to go through. 2/0

1.2 The Grandhomme to Hafeez, Hint of relocation after landing on a length outside, gives Hafeez no shot and lets it be. 2/0

1.1 The Grandhomme to Hafeez, A mild delivery, shortish and off, hit the hind foot but straight to the field at the top. 2/0

Colin de Grandhomme to share the red cherry from the other end.

0.6 T Boult to Imam, Bowls it for a long length and beyond, Imam shoulder arms to complete over. 2/0

0.5 T Boult to Imam, puts a long ball on, hanging in, Imam is solid behind the line in defense. 2/0

0.4 T Boult to Imam, Shortish and off, punched off the foot but straight in the direction of the cover fielder. 2/0

0.3 T Boult to Imam, Angle in a length of ball in the middle, get it straight, Imam covers the line and blocks it for sure. 2/0

0.2 T Boult to Hafeez, This time Trent landes on a length around the leg, Hafeez cuts off his pillows to fine legs for a run. Both openings are out of the mark. 2/0

0.1 T Boult to Imam, Boult starts innings with a shortish delivery around, Imam goes back and drops it in the cover area for a run. 1/0

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