Monday , April 12 2021

Activision is unfortunate with Destiny 2: Forgive the sale

While players celebrate Destiny 2s return to honor, publisher Activision is dissatisfied with his current sales performance.

The discussion about game sales came during a winning call, where the publisher noted the title "not achieved our commercial expectations" and that "there is still work to do to completely restore the central Destiny fan base."

"Some players we believe are still in the" wait and see "mode," says Activision COO Coddy Johnson. "When you're in, you're deeply engaged, and if you're not, we hope we are now. We are working to take back the players and win them back. "

Despite the less-than-expected sales data, Destiny 2s latest expansion, Abandoned earned highly critical praise. In our review Ben Allen points 9/10.

It is likely that the cost of expansion, which is the same as an entire game, combined with a lack of annual card, is responsible for the reluctance of many [this writer included] to continue playing.

In recent months, the entry barrier has been lowered to many, where the game is offered free as part of the PlayStation Plus free game for September, while it was made free on the computer last week to celebrate its release on

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