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Two young people paralyzed by laughing gas | Binnenland

A few weeks ago, a young patient reported to urgent help with complaints about numb fingertips and loss of strength in the legs. It was soon established that the numbness and loss of power were the result of a damaged spinal cord. According to the hospital, this is due to the excessive use of laughing gas by the patient: about a hundred balloons a day.

One and a half years ago, a patient with paralysis was also admitted to the MST in Enschede. That's what Tubantia reports.


A nurse from the hospital writes in a blog that the patient in question ignored his complaints for an extended period of time. Only when he couldn't get out of bed in the morning did he pull the bell. "He had no idea the consequences were so severe," said the nurse. The boy is now in a wheelchair.

The action of vitamin B12 is blocked by the use of nitrous oxide. This makes the nervous system less effective. It can take months to years to get rid of the complaints and then it remains to be asked whether they will disappear completely.

Neurological damage

Rehabilitation physician Christof Smit warned last year in News Hour about the consequences of the 'innocent party drug'. "We are seeing an increase in people who have neurological damage or a stroke due to laughing gas. For example, we have already validated three people with a spinal cord injury, ”says Smit.

Over the past 2.5 years, at eight rehabilitation centers in the Netherlands, thirteen patients were treated with incomplete spinal cord injury. In all thirteen cases this was the result of the use of laughing gas. People with less severe complaints are not included here.


According to addict Jellinek, the use of nitrous oxide has been popular in the entertainment circuit for several years now. By inhaling the gas from a balloon, users experience a brief blight. By use, an oxygen deficiency in the brain can occur.

Nitrous gas used to fall under the Medicines Act, which made recreational use easy to counter. However, since a Supreme Court ruling in 2016 and a judgment of the European Court of Justice in 2014, it has been covered by the Goods Act. That makes selling it much easier. For example, the patterns can simply be bought at a store like the Blokker.

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Last week, De Telegraaf made for the Youtube channel this video about young people and laughing gas:

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