Sunday , December 6 2020

Steijn is angry after the NAC massacre and strikes back at the Go Ahead captain

Maurice Steijn is angry after NAC Breda’s defeat at Go Ahead Eagles. His team performed poorly in the TOTO KNVB Cup and was beaten 6-0 at Adelaarshorst. However, Steijn does not want to use the former as an excuse.

Steijn was shocked to see how NAC was already 5-0 after nineteen minutes. “What did I think? Intervene. If you defend like that … There is no excuse. We can say we have a lot of injuries and illness, but how we give this away has nothing to do with professional football,” Steijn told FOX Sports.

“If it’s 5-0 you have to intervene and limit the injury. We did it. We started playing with five defenders. We did not intend to score, but to avoid a monster point.”

NAC lacked no less than eleven players against Go Ahead. Steijn had no choice but to fill his bank with talent. “We went here to get the most out of it. This is also the best team I had. I had five debutants from O21 on the bench. I think the team did not do well, a fact. Boys can not help us ravage either of coronavirus and damage. “

“The work continues to be fun, because you want to get the most out of it. This incredible blow we got from what happened to us should make us stronger mentally. The competition is still long and I can hope every day that players come back and are healthy. “It’s not just my players, but all the players in professional football. That’s my biggest concern right now.”

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Go Ahead captain Jeroen Veldmate admitted afterwards that his team took it easy in the second half. But Steijn refutes that. “I do not know if they did. I think they tried to score extra goals until the last minute, also with the introduction of Mulenga. So it’s customs what he says,” says Steijn annoyed.

“Did I not see the game? They only played the ball the last two minutes, but they tried to score until the 87th minute. They just could not get through.”

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