Tuesday , June 22 2021

Skipper's fatal accident Harlingen: "Not aware of root in mast"

The 54-year-old shipman, who is in court today, says he was not aware that the maintenance of his two-wheeled mower left much to be desired.

Moisten in the mast

Research shows that the root cause was the cause of the decomposition. Due to wind cracks, moisture had entered the mast.

The prosecutor charges the ship from Stiens with serious negligence. It's fighting it. He had regular maintenance on his ship, he says.

Grinded and painted

By 2015, the mower was still on the side for another three months and the masts were still sanded and painted. No shortcomings were found by the carpenters.

According to the owner, there were no guidelines for maintenance plans in his sector. The skipper was emotionally visible from time to time. "The mast has missed my partner besides one," he said after a long silence.

German family

On 21 August 2016 the mast at Harlingen harbor broke after a voyage over the Wadden Sea. On board the sailing charter was a German family, a total of twelve men, plus the skipper and his partner. Three of the crew members died.

The Dutch Security Agency (OVV) investigated the brown navy of historical ships after the incident. In a report from 2017, OVV concluded that there is a lot of misery in the sector in terms of knowledge, maintenance and security.

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