Sunday , May 22 2022

Silver for Schulting at 500 meters


SALT LAKE CITY (ANP) – Suzanne Schulting has won 500m silver in the second world cup in the Salt Lake City season. Schulting threw his right skating forward, but the Polish Natalia Maliszweska could not pass anymore. Yara van Kerkhof finished fifth in the final, which has to be restarted twice.

Schulting had already captured gold one day earlier at 1000 meters, the distance where they captured the Olympic title at the beginning of the year in Pyeongchang. Knegt was the best at 1500 meters on Saturday. At 500 meters Sunday he was eliminated in the quarterfinals.

Rianne de Vries grabbed the medals at 1000 meters. In the end she finished fourth. The victory went to Canadian Alyson Charles.


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