Tuesday , August 9 2022

PvdA Groningen: Rapid measure for vaccination against pertussis


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Pregnant women in Groningen must be vaccinated against pertussis, according to PvdA, in written questions to the City Council.

"Fewer women are vaccinated, while the pertussis often occurs in Paddepoel. Especially young children can get very bad," said PvdA party leader Carine Bloemhoff.

The government wants to raise the vaccination level. This is necessary because more and more parents choose not to vaccinate on the basis of "alternative facts". In the province of Groningen the vaccination rate has decreased from 94 to 91 percent.

Waiting for minster?

Worried, Bloemhoff knows. "Through vaccination, serious diseases such as polio and measles are virtually no longer present in our western society. Non-vaccination, often based on aggregated information, leads to major health risks for infants and children."

In Paddepoel and other Groningen district, according to PvdA, the pertussis occurs regularly. Baby two months old is already vaccinated. Parents may also advise not to go to the mall and to keep strangers away from the stroller.

"But many young mothers do not know that they could already have been vaccinated against pertussis as pregnant. We want to change it quickly," says Bloemhoff.

VWS has now decided to offer all pregnant women a pertussis vaccination from mid 2019. For example, children are best protected until they are old enough to be fully vaccinated themselves.

Inform now!

It is beautiful! But PvdA does not want to wait another eight months considering the major risks to children and public health.

Bloemhoff: "Hopping coughs are not waiting for the minister. That is why we have to ensure that pregnant women are already informed that they can be vaccinated against pertussis for payment. We ask the city authorities to organize this quickly with childcare organizations, a consultancy and GGD.

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