Sunday , October 2 2022

No eight but one year in jail for attack on the referee's outback


For assassination had suspected Tritt entrusted cell and TBS for eight years.

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The preacher was deposed in her church a year ago with a stand-up. She became seriously injured and permanently disabled. Due to partial paralysis, she is dependent on wheelchair. She can no longer do her work.

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The rate is lower because, according to the Arnhem court, there is no evidence of attempts to kill and because of the suspected bad state of health. Wijnand B. got a cardiac arrest after the attack on the referee and came in a coma for a time. He suffered severe brain injury from cardiac arrest.

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According to the referee, it is certain that the piano player has caused head injury. He had a meeting in the church that morning and his bus was seen there. The death of the DNA was on his coat.

The prosecution felt he could prove that he would try to kill because the suspect sought murder with a hammer before the Internet. However, the court does not assume that he went to church that day with the plan to murder the pastor. According to the referee, there are also signs that he acted at the tip of the moment.

Wijnand B. has always denied the attack. The court believes that the suspect can not believe he did. The imprisonment imposed almost entirely piano tunes in prison. He has to pay compensation to the official of almost 295,000 euros.

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