Tuesday , August 16 2022

Next week, more clarity is expected about IJsselmeer Hospital NOW


The curators at the bankruptcy hospitals in the IJsselmeer hope to provide clearer opportunities for restart at the beginning of next week, let the hospital company know Wednesday.

The curators say they are still in talks with "several serious candidates" who have plans for rebooting.

Minister Bruno Bruins for Medical Care is included in these messages saying that they are "parties with extensive knowledge and experience". No messages have yet been made about which parties they are. "The administrators are continuing discussion with the parties, which can probably be said more immediately after the weekend."

Previously, it became apparent that at least ten parties have reported for a full or partial takeover. The curators have the final word about who can take over the hospitals.

Because it is uncertain whether a reboot is possible, the recipients also prepare a so-called scaling plan, where the business is progressively phased out.

"It will be current scrapping to ensure patient safety," the state of law. According to a spokesman, action is needed on time. "So we do not have to do anything in the past week if a reboot does not prove possible," says spokesman.

Minister Bruins has already said that if needed, he will earn money to make reboot possible. He believes that at least Lelystad should keep acute and obstetric care, he said earlier.

External research in hospitals

Bruins also announced in a letter to the House of Representatives that there will be an independent and external examination of the hospital's MC Slotervaart and MC IJsselmeer.

Exactly how the research will look and who will perform it, Bruins wants to announce by the end of the month.

There was strong criticism from the lower parliament about the lack of control by the minister. In the case of Lelystad, Bruins says that "highest efforts are being made" for the maintenance of basic care and emergency care, such as emergency care and obstetrics.

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