Saturday , June 25 2022

Mourinho: "Only laymen analyze City-United based on statistics" NOW


José Mourinho does not want to know Manchester United is very bad in the Premier League. "Red Devils" lost the top match against Manchester City on Sunday and are far behind, but Portuguese looks things in perspective.

After the 3-1 defeat, Mourinho was confronted with United's position as far away from the league leader City from the closure sites, United has a negative goal balance and that using the penalty from Anthony Martial in the top is the only shot at goal.

"I do not think we are offset and when we analyze the game, you can only watch the statistics, but only people who do not know about football," said 55-year-old Mourinho.

"I'm not upset with the statistics, but my feeling and what I see during the match we made towards City until the final phase, my team made mistakes, but it differs from bad game."

United quickly picked up with City by David Silva and soon after half time, Sergio Agüero made it 2-0. Martial did something with a penalty, but the last chord was for Ilkay Gündogan. United is only number eight in England.

"Can build on many things"

Mourinho acknowledged that his team was foolish in the match against the citizen, but concentrated on the things that went well in the eyes.

"We made mistakes and they were punished, but the way to play, mentality, solidarity, faith and the spirit of battle to the end are things we develop, which do not disappear through defeat."

The former coach of Chelsea and Real Madrid, for example, also believes that City had a much easier program at the beginning of the summit. "We had three big away games in a week and played against a team that had two" friendly games "in their own home," Mourinho said on the duels City with Southampton (6-1) and Shakhtar Donetsk (6-0).

"Physical and mental fatigue played a role with us, and you can only understand it if you know what elitsport is about." It's not easy to be ready for a big game every time. "

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