Thursday , July 29 2021

Hoekstra with his simson to Catshuis | Inland

The minister seems to have taken his son, who also carries a Lego box for his own entertainment, because he will drive straight from Catshuis to the pool. Hoekstra junior must swim there on Sunday for his swimming diploma. It also means that his father may have to leave the meeting a little earlier.

Consultation of measures

The Cabinet will consult on Sunday afternoon in the Catshuis in an “informal environment” about the corona measure, as it often does during this crisis. It is on the agenda if the measures can possibly be extended slightly during the holiday. The cabinet has had the experts from the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) calculate a number of variants, such as a larger group size at home or temporary opening of restaurants.

RIVM manager Jaap van Dissel, chairman of OMT, also participates in the consultation. Several experts from the expert group have already indicated over the weekend that they do not yet see any relaxation of the measures given the still high number of coronary infections. Prime Minister Mark Rutte also said on Friday that it did not look good.

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