Tuesday , June 22 2021

Harms did not play against Anderson because of "weird smells" on the scene NOW

Wesley Harms was disappointed on Thursday that he hopelessly lost his second round of match against Gary Anderson (10-2) at the Grand Slam of Darts did not play. According to him, it was partly because he smelled strange odors on the stage.

"Some lucky things happened, I did not know the PDC would go so well, which is just a lot of annoying," Harms said in the mixed zone at WV Active Aldersley in Wolverhampton.

"Anyway, I threw myself out of the way, I do not claim victory, he let me live in the first session, so I could stay a bit longer, but then it was over."

Harms had no idea who was responsible for the uncomfortable situation on the stage, but Anderson denied it anyway.

"I swear by the life of my children that I have not talked, I just thought Harms had done it, but it was not so?" Asked the shot high.

"Maybe it came from the tables next to the scene, it smelled like rotten eggs, I really did not. If I drop this type, I'll be in my pants, then I'll raise my hand and I'll go podium."

"It was a great tournament for me"

For Harm's, the defeat against Anderson ended the end of a successful tournament for him. He survived the fourth phase in the BDO ranking by winning Mark Webster (42th on PDC ranking) and Keegan Brown (41th on PDC ranking).

"To me it was just a super tournament, I do not think many would have expected to end up in the last sixteen, but I managed to do just that," he said.

"The fact that the competition between myself and Anderson indicates the difference between PDC and BDO is personal nonsense, I simply have not had my day, but it may happen now just getting what stings out of the nose."

Grand Slam or Darts is the only tournament organized by PDC that BDO players may make. Harms received an invitation based on the position he held on the league in the league.

Michael van Gerwen wrote the Grand Slam of Darts the last three years to his name by successively defeating Phil Taylor (16-13), Wade (16-8) and Peter Wright (16-12) in the final.

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