Saturday , September 18 2021

Glennis confirms breaking with American management entertainment

Glennis writes to be completely surprised. "I saw tonight to my surprise at RTL Boulevard an email sent by my American ex-management to me, and then apparently to Boulevard. For the sake of clarity, I want to confirm that I no longer work with them."

She continues: "With the" outdated situation "they mean the separation we had made between Benelux and the rest of the world, where they did not bother my career in the Benelux. By the way, it is not uncommon and it is important for me to continue to focus on the Netherlands, despite my international dreams and ambitions, this always agreed. "

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In addition, Glennis says she can not find it "very professional", but she is hopeful. "Fortunately, I can discuss the conversations in the United States just take over and I immediately noticed that if a door closes elsewhere opens another," says the singer who ran it very far in the talent show America's Got Talent.

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