Thursday , February 20 2020
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Elderly union: Cabinet must improve purchasing power | Geld

An in-house study shows that four in ten elderly people see poverty among other seniors in their immediate area. Seven out of ten find that there is an ever stronger divide between those who have enough money, and a growing group with too little money to be able to participate in society.

KBO-PCOB states that in addition to activities, outings, sports and birthdays, care is also more often avoided. Of the seniors, 18% reported having avoided a visit to the dentist or physiotherapist for the past year, for fear of the costs.


The organization points out that the purchasing power of many elderly people is not already good and is only deteriorating as many pensions are likely to be shortened. "It's downright dramatic. After years of non-indexing, there is now a discount. Compensation is needed to counter the growing financial vulnerability of senior groups. The minister must intervene, ”says Manon Vanderkaa, director.

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