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"Difficult to keep control"


Tuesday 27 November 2018 on

After Barcelona 2009 2009 treble won, Andrés Iniesta hit a depression. In conversation with La Sexta tells the midfielder, now in favor of the Japanese Vissel Kobe, frankly about that period. "Something's wrong, but you do not know what it's," says Iniesta about his depression.

"It started after we took the treble with Barcelona that summer. I did against Chelsea (in the Champions League semi final), won the Champions League, won three prizes, it was an incredible year. And then comes the summer and you start to feel depressed, says the midfielder, who told his depression earlier. "I had some tests done but they did not reveal anything."

"You end up in a spiral where you end up ending alone and with an empty feeling. Added to that was what happened to Dani Jarque," continues Iniesta. His childhood friend Jarque died of cardiac arrest in the summer of 2009, while practicing camp in Italy with Espanyol. "You can not be yourself if you have depression. It's difficult to control aspects of life."

"It's hard to be motivated because you have nothing to look forward to and can not think positively," says Iniesta. Journalist of La Sexta Asking if suicide has ever been fired by the midfielder's boss. "We're talking about very extreme conditions. I'm not saying I wanted to do it or would do it, but I just was not myself anymore. When you're very vulnerable, it's hard to keep control. In a few seconds you can make some decisions because it is not good for you. "

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