Saturday , July 2 2022

Cramps and diarrhea? Just go on vacation | money


After all, human health complaints do not come under the heading "serious illness" according to the disputes committee of the complainant institute Kifid.

The unfortunate tourist booked last weekend on October 6 for him and his partner in the last minute a trip abroad, for almost 2500 euros. Two days later and two days before departure, October 8, the man suffered from stomach cramps, stomach cramps and diarrhea. One night later, they were so bad that the man did not see anything but go on vacation.


Three days later, the complaints were much smaller, and the man sent a note from his doctor to the insurer Univé. He judged that the man had not been too ill to travel, and therefore he was not entitled to compensation.

Kifid goes on with it. The doctor should have written that the cancellation was "medically necessary", but he had not done it. "The nature, severity and character of the complainant did not mean there was a serious disease", according to the Disputes Committee. It is understandable that the sick man would rather not travel, according to the committee, but it is not enough.

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