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Stan Lee, Marvel's volcanic giant

It was at Marvel what Disney was at the Walt Disney Company: an iconic figure. And although Stan Lee did not create Publishing Company of Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, X-Men or Avengers himself, he was truly the incarnation of it for decades. So much so that the volunteer writer-publisher producer was almost always invited to take a look at the film or television productions adapted from the Marvel universe. Losing in Los Angeles on November 12, at the age of 95 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the official co-star of Spider-Man and the most famous watchmen in Marvel's pantyhose will be known to help erect the 60's series.

Imagined in collaboration with the designers Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby in particular, the super heroes Lee born 1961-1966 invented their aspect more intimately and plagued than their hieratic elders of the distinguished competitor DC (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and other Green Lanterns ). Paradoxically characterized by a self-destructive type of Lee style, Marvel's costumed super people were often defined as the equivalents of the series in the new Gulf of French cinema. It is probably not a coincidence that one of the flagships of the latter director and the infamous comedian Alain Resnais was picked with love for these super heroes who were more in touch with the daily heartbreaks of Spider-Man / Peter Parker to rent habits for The Fantastic Four. Resnais and Lee also formed a lasting friendship in the late 60's and together fed some film projects that never arrived. They were so far from imagining that thirty years later, in the early 2000s, the superheroes created by Lee would reign in Hollywood in blockbusters around the world.


Stan Lee in the middle of his creations.


Even today, almost all films by Marvel Studios (a Disney subsidiary since 2009) are based on the characters, humor and narrative grammar that Stan Lee and his co-workers made the foundation half a century ago. Even though life in life was darkened in 2017 by the death of his wife Joannie forever, not to mention a sore follow-up to personal adversities, Stan Lee has lived long enough to see his superheroes become world champion. A ruling fate of this ex-child of Romanian Jewish immigrants, born in 1922 in Manhattan, was traumatized by their parents' poverty, severely hit by the great depression.


During his teenage years in Bronx, Stanley Martin Lieber fled to adventure books, mythology and movies with Errol Flynn. He secretly hosts the dream of becoming an author while accumulating odd jobs like delivering sandwiches, placing a Broadway theater or office boy. In 1939, at the age of 17, he was employed as a cheerleader for the label, Timely Comics, a subsidiary of a publisher owned by a family member, Martin Goodman. Riding Superman's Flash Triumph, published a year earlier by a competitor (the future of DC), also publishes comic books with supermagent heroes, such as Submariner, Ka-Zar, and Android. flammable The Human Torch, draft of the future member of Fantastic Four. At the right time, Stanley fills the inkwells, retrieves the author's lunches, deletes the sketches on the pages to be recycled … But he is very quick to do more. The sector is flourishing since the creation of Superman, the series look a golden age, the bestsellers sell up to a million copies each month and Stanley Lieber wants to write.

Created in 1941 by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, Patriotic and Anti-Nazi Superhero Captain America will allow him to open his talents as a dialogist, in number 3 of the newspaper (dated May 1941). His pseudonym: Stan Lee. Enrolled in the Army in Transit Service 1942, "Stan" returns to Early Demobilization 1945 to climb the ladder. However, the post-war climate is infinitely more hostile to series, now considered to be violent and responsible for turning young people or even pushing them to crime. The super heroes are no longer trendy and Captain America, even though the gondola head at Marvel four years earlier, ceases to appear in 1949. Early, Atlas recalled in the 50's, will reorient itself to romances, westerns, poles, stories of espionage, comedy … But Stan Lee is bored. The industry has become routine, the box spins without innovation, and the Bronx teens who dreamed of a big feather approach the middle life with the impression of missing out on its big design.


Stan Lee 2000


Conversely, still market leader, DC series reappear with a new superhero team who revives the genre 1960: the Justice League of America. Called by his boss Goodman to the Monkey rivals, Stan Lee, according to his wife's advice, decides to invent himself and invent, with Jack Kirby, a family of vigilantes who will simply revolutionize the strip: The Fantastic Four. Red Richards (his amazing), his wife Susan (named Jane in VF), his son-in-law Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) and his childhood friend The Thing (Ben Grimm) form an open operating group. Their privacy, bickering, nausea and financial worries are told in line with their exploitation, all in a ton much less rigid, more relaxed than their colleagues at DC. In 1961, the comeback barely launched the fact that Stan Lee, driven by his boss to create other superheroes in the same vein, was born in 1962 to the future cornerstone of the entire Marvel Empire: Spider-Man, introduced in the Amazing Fantasy No. 15th

The most soap of super heroes

Designed by Steve Ditko, this superhero called Peter Parker will crush the American youth. Lone and shy college student, geek before science buff, this orphan raised by his aunt May and his uncle Ben acquires his superpowers after a radioactive spider in a lab (in these times of fear of death). atomic radiation in all forms gave an ideal alibi for Stan Lee and his writer). Shattered by the guilt of refusing to arrest a robber, who will assassinate his uncle that night, Parker decides to put his power to good service and becomes Spider-Man. Complex, broke, often unlucky with women and struggling with a thousand daily worries (including the care of his sick aunt), Peter Parker touches the hearts of readers who identify with him because they are jubilant in front of the exploitation of his alter ego in costume. True innovation in the history of series, through his youth and his appearance, Spider-Man quickly becomes wondering what Superman and Mickey are in DC and Disney: a figurehead. Without comparing Krypton's supernatural records, the sale of "The Spider-Man" flies up to several hundred thousand copies a month.

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Spiderman is the hundred of police rejected in the press, from modest social backgrounds, and is the perfect hero for the second half of the 1960s, marked in the United States through the protest movements and the rejection of America. dad. Under the head of a fantastic creative decade for Marvel Comics, Stan Lee represents almost all future lines of current superhero blockbusters – Hulk, Iron Man, Avengers, X-Men, Black Panther, Ant-Man … The marvel heroes, utilized in Spider- Man, but also their greater permeability to the present-day world, attracts older readers, including students. Stan Lee, whose jokes and media hunters dampen him to accept many press interviews and invitations to campus conferences, becomes the charismatic VRP of the trendy Marvel. We come from Europe to meet him, such as Resnais or Fellini, and sometimes Lee's plume and his taste for microphones will move him from pure creation.

Adulation and controversy

Chief Editor of Marvel Comics until 1968, Stan Lee became Head of Publication in 1972, and attempts, in small and medium sized, to organize migration of his heroes to other media in priority television. Gets frequent back and forth in Hollywood from that time, Lee gets some results. A cartoon Spider-Man was born in 1967 (its generic VF and the famous song "Spider, the spider is a very singular …" will go around the French school in the 70's). The woven screen will also be the subject of a very bad television series in 1977, followed by Captain America and, more satisfactorily, a cathodic adaptation of The Incredible Hulk with bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno in the role of the green monster. As he later told reporters, Stan Lee and Alain Resnais, who became friends in the early 1970s, at that time dreamed of a Spider-Man movie made by the Frenchman, who will soon abandon the project. Between the '70s and' 80s, Hollywood Studios will only be retrieved from the Marvel Catalog's Embarrassing Series or B Series. Cooled, Stan Lee, definitely settled in Los Angeles since 1981 with his wife Joanie and their only daughter, bothered to see it in front, the competitor DC Comics wins two adjustments in gold by her superheroes majors: Superman (1978) by Richard Donner then Batman Tim Burton (1989).

At the age of 67, Lee is no longer honorary member of the Marvel Comics Group when purchased in 1989 by Wall Street billionaire Ronald Perelman. Powerless since his half-board golden Lee will witness from the west coast to Marvel's economic downturn, victim of a disastrous and almost fraudulent management of the company by Perelman, as well as a spectacular collapse of the series. This does not prevent him from staying a figure loved by readers all over the world, even though a persistent controversy begins to embark on the seriousness of the mustache and reality of his various creative paternity. It has to be said that from an interview to the next, Stan Lee sometimes seems to change his version of the circumstances of the creation of his modern myths, approximations he commands on a cloudy memory. Blurred for many years by his former accomplices Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby, Stan Lee is acclaimed by purists to literally confiscate from his designers the miraculous concepts Spider-Man and Other Fantastic Four. And therefore also a substantial part of the royalties …

The public and other less radical readers think Lee has been lying in a face that Marvel has always needed, a color figure that opened the door to this amazing kingdom. Among these grateful fans, a myriad of directors, writers, producers, actors, ex-children in the 60's and 70's who in the late 90's have enough influence in Hollywood to wish to see beautiful adaptations of Marvel Heroes Creates the screen. It's fine: The company is finally out of its economic nightmare, taken over 1998 by a tandem by toy producers, Ron Perlmutter and Avi Arad, who begins, like Stan Lee, but with more style, on a tour of the meals. Hollywood. The opening of the 21st century will be beautiful and culturally marked by the beginning of the Marvel Heroes, in an American era, which was soon tortured by the attacks of September 11, asking for new saviors. In 2000 and 2002, the X-Men and especially the Spider-Mans film trimmers released the publishing house of the world's pop culture. Stan Lee, who has been transformed into production series animation with his company POW Entertainment, has been permanently fired from the new Marvel management but with a sympathetic compensation of nearly a million dollars a year. And a "entertainment service" in the media at every new movie version. It's good: he loves it.


"I'm so proud of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, that's exactly what I imagined. The movie where Uncle Ben, unemployed, reads the classification to find a job made me think of my own dad looking for work during the big depression. .. I modeled Ben Parker on him "trusted Stan Lee, 2002, to the author of these lines, in his Los Angeles office. "I wish so much that my old friend, Bob Kane (the employee of Batman 1939, died in 1998) was there to watch the film by Sam Raimi, who continued to chart me for the success of Batman by Tim Burton!" He added, His unfortunate smile so characteristic of his lips.


Stan Lee considered Sam Raimi's adaptation of Spider-Man a sincere success.


From the decades of 2000, in nearly 80 years, Stan Lee finally has the global explosion of movies inspired by "his" super heroes and is quite proud to see that the publisher once again trains a multimedia studio. Marvel Studios was founded in 2006 and, as of 2008, Iron Man opens on the big screen the famous "Marvel Cinematic Universe" that will put the world cash office upside down. Since then, Lee will make a systematic look in all films produced internally by the group, but also in the X-Men franchise, The Fantastic Four (Fox Studio) and Spider-Man (Sony). He is still traveling, this year, in productions Marvel Avengers: Infinity War and Ant-Man and the wasp.

Loved by all Hollywood, as Walt Disney was during his lifetime, Lee definitely knew how to surf his time and multiply the interactions with his fans on Twitter through his @ therealstanlee account. He seemed eternal and invincible, always punishing his exits from his favorite cryptic interjection ("excelsior!") But, of course, Stan Lee was not even a super hero. The news of his death already causes a deep shock in the pop culture world, as we have not stopped seeing the eddies in the next few weeks. Exegetes and historians will be responsible for posterity to accurately determine Stan Lee's contribution to Marvela's amazing board. But today, all readers who vibrated, cried, laughed, appreciated by turning the sides of the Spider-Man adventure adventure only the few words to be added: thank you Mr. Lee.

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