Monday , July 26 2021

Patrick Sébastien Announces His Pension –

Patrick Sebastien announced that he had decided to finish his career. On "Do not Touch My Post" Cyril Hanouna has made it official.

Assign yourself to your life as an artist

this is Cyril Hanouna Who, on Tuesday evening, under the "TPMP", said he received a text from Patrick Sébastien. "Thank you friend for always being behind me and for always supporting me but I finish my careerCyril Hanouna said he was very moved after receiving the message, and the animator also said that his friend will now focus on his life as an artist.He will do something else now. He will devote himself to his life as an artist, to the stage, to his exhibitions. We will miss him and I hope he will return to his decision"he added.

The contract is not renewed on France 2

It is in October as the group France TV announced its decision not to renew the contract for Patrick Sébastien. A few weeks earlier, the host had criticized his employer for drastically reducing his sound recordings. He had also threatened to resign. Patrick Sébastien recorded the latest issue of "The World's Greatest Cabaret", which will be broadcast by the end of the year.

"It's not fair! It still works, it's good for people. But I can not complain. There are people who get fired every day and with more cruelty. I still have work, I can do the artist"Said Said Patrick Sébastien, a few days ago during an interview for The Mountain.

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