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Mission Season 2: "We Must Go Back"


VL had the chance to go to the Paris region in the impressive landscape mission season 2, soon at the ocs A season that looks even closer and even stronger.

It is on Ivry sur Seine, at Studio K, that VL has a meeting to visit the set mission season 2. An important plateau that encloses the sublime scene of the commute that will return to Mars a part of the crew in season 1 for a rescue mission of the last chance. What they will discover will go beyond what they could have imagined. Just like we visit the shot of this new season.

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Already, it will talk about what mission season 2? Henri Debeurme, co-creator and serial producer tells about it: " We will find our crew 5 years later. In 5 years a lot has happened, starting from Jeanne left on Mars at the end of season 1. Is she alive or dead? An intuition will give them the feeling that it is still alive and that we must return to Mars. Billionaire William Meyer then decides to get a part of the crew back to Mars. Season 2 will see our heroes return to the red planet where they had experienced trauma and intentionally resigned unanswered questions. All of this will split for course, once again, everything will not happen as planned. The great discovery will be a very green place, a big forest, a place we do not know if it's on Mars … or anywhere else. In season 2 we will get the answer to this strange passage that was discovered in season 1 and led to a place that does not look like Mars. "

Left: Clément Aubert alias Simon Gramat Right: Julien Lacombe – author and director

To make this season 2 and send it (around June 2019) it took 2 years: " We preferred to wait for the return after the shipment"Explains Henri Debeurme." We were afraid to come down with this type of project and given our manufacturing errors. We have been fully prepared by the return and today we really have confidence in what we do".
The very good form for the season 1 abroad and the resulting sales have increased the series budget (from 1.5 million in the season 1 to 2 million € in season 2) with the immediate consequence of a small extension but important for logistics of filming time.
Season 2 will always have 10 25-minute episodes that mix the mythology of the series and the private life of the characters (one of the lessons from the critics after Season 1): " Nothing is decided yet for season 3 but what is certain is that we know where we are going and we will not wait as long as we start writing. Without a doubt, it will start during the assembly of 2 ", exactly Julien Lacombe, director / writer. "We are also thinking of a possible extension of episodes' duration in season 3. It is discussed. "

For this new season, the time comes to prepare the season to feel in the story: " Our will in season 2 is to surprise the crowd. That was a real challenge. If season 1 was played at the end of the session, season 2 is almost entirely in natural environments and not necessarily those that the public expects, namely the Earthly Earth as it is represented and as we "saw in season 1" explains J.Lacombe. "Basically, we wanted to build the season 2 by marking what we thought of Season 1 and entering" Hard SF ", ie entering the universe like Arthur Clarke (author of Space Odyssey 2001) with different worlds, spatio-temporal portals, all in all, I dream of science fiction. "

On a bunk bed … in the shuttle …

We can guess from our meetings that season 2 will deal more with characters and adventures and less, if not more against the scientific aspect: " We go further away from scientific discourse in what we have written. We continue the mythology we had started installing in Season 1 with this second world, this kind of lost Eden that would be on Mars. We will give explanations and open new doors. And we promise you a crazy end of the season.

All teams give their all to offer a season 2 upgraded compared to the first. If a large part of the original casting is back, not everyone will go back to Mars: " We wanted a story telling. We did not want people to leave just to get them back"Explains Henri Debeurme." With the 5-year cap between the two seasons, the characters have changed, love stories have been created between some and old traumas will even be restored. "
If Hélène Viviès, Clément Aubert, Mathias Mlekuz, Arben Bajraktaraj or Giorgia Sinicorni will return, mission season 2 can count on a small news coming in the series in the character of Barbara Probst (beside Clément Aubert i announcer). She will play the role of William Meyer's daughter and will make amazing discoveries about herself and her past in season 2.

Chris Calcus works with his model of the shuttle that served as the basis for making the big end model

If the shooting of the bus's interiors is done at Studio K in the Paris region, it has also moved across France, as explained by Julien Lacombe: " We want to shoot surprising places, places that visually surprise everyone and aim. And we can find these places in France that we found with a great cave in the Pyrenees, which is the largest cave available to the public or even sumptuous tiles. We also found some in the Dordogne forests. Our desire is to build something that has mouth. "

The challenge of mission is from a narrative point to something interesting: to convey a message about our world's future. Is it mission have a political number? Friendly? Probably a little: " We are at a crossroads in terms of the development of our species. We know that in the next 100 years will be crazy for our civilization. Science fiction must be interested in it. She has to ask a few things. Are we at our modest level doing it a little? I really hope so."Concludes Julien Lacombe.

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