Thursday , July 29 2021

Match of all dangers! – Africa Sports

The second last day of the CAN 2019 finals promises to be especially nice with shocks at all levels. If some formations have already registered their participation, others almost assured themselves of being part of the party; there are those who are convicted of using punishment not to see the capital Cameroon. This is especially the case in the G group dominated by an iron hand of the surprise of the leader: Zimbabwe. The least we can say is that the show is at its height in this group, because if the warriors lead an undivided reign in the latter, the two Congo must fight a battle without mercy to win a possible qualification for the next edition of CAN. The two countries that share the Congo, compete in four days in a crucial match, as the two are separated by only one small point in the position two days after the end of the playoffs.

It's not common to see two countries as geographically close to each other as part of a qualified match for CAN Playoffs. And when that is the case, these meetings always indicate some excitement because they returned to the feeling of a certain "pride" for a whole country.

It will certainly not have a taste of a Spanish style or even a River Place-Boca Juniors, but it will not be any nice. Therefore, everything stands against the two main characters (who in any case engage in mutual respect and live in perfect harmony) on different domains. As mentioned above, these meetings are always a pleasure, in addition to the usual overruns of fans' fans of hooliganism. It is not at all disproportionate to see that the latter took back a "simple" match of football, especially in the context of "life or death" at the level of sports, of course a matter of pride or even beyond to pride. What is also subject to taunts or mockery at the end but as long as it's good war, it's the African football that comes out of the winner for sure. Further this time, the pressure will be more on the shoulders of Congo-Brazzaville, previously corrected with a goal of 3 goals to 1. So this match will be kindly animated a vengeful feeling with which further pressure the advantage of the field.

In addition, it may not be a better time to try to train Florent Ibengue, amputated by his famous striker and several of his bosses without forgetting their current difficulty.

If it has the advantage of being in front of its point, the DRC will move to Brazzaville with much uncertainty. Without its biggest name Cédric Bakambu, the very formidable attacks leopards and Gaël Kakuta, wounded in their respective, the Democratic Republic of Congo will not be the same. Bad news added to the last minute package Jonathan – not captivating because the conqueror Royal Club is not as influential as the other two who are often heavy, which may change the deal. On its last trips, the Democratic Republic of Congo does not give full satisfaction, as it only counts 2 points out of 9 possible in the last three days, even bending home against the surprising team Zimbabwe (2-1 by Third Day). This is combined with all of these packages that Ibengue faces and his staff obviously changes the context and the parameters of the game probably the day. However, this team is resourceful and has players who can explode, you may never know. All of this makes this meeting difficult to understand.

Book your Sunday, spend hours on your agenda because the river there is the match not to miss this day, promising to be epic. The winner of this famous game will take a psychological crossing on his neighbor in addition to opening wide doors for the qualification. All the ingredients are together for a party of pleasure and accident to the loser.


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