Sunday , May 29 2022

A "Breaking Bad" movie is in preparation with Vince Gilligan at the helm


After losing the TV field, "Breaking Bad", thanks to his creator Vince Gilligan, could land in theaters.

Watch out for the eyes The idea seems unrealistic at first speed, but it could be realized. According to Hollywood Reporter, Vince Gilligan, creator of the cult series Breaking badly, would prepare a movie directly from Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and Saul Goodman (currently showing the amazing spinning Better call Saul). According to the sources of the US newspaper, Vince Gilligan will be responsible for the scenario and probably the realization. The team Breaking badly would also be out because Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein, executive producers of the series then Better call Saulapproaching to fund the project. No news, however, from Peter Gould, co-creator of Better call Saul and recurring scriptwriter. We do not know if it will be a sequel, a spin-off or an independent story.

Phone or bio?

Other major news, the New Mexico Film Office posted an ad saying that the project would have the title of work Greenbrier (Green Heather), that movie will go well in the region and that production should begin this month.

It is still unclear whether the movie, which will last for two hours, will be screened at the cinema or be content with a television broadcast either in the format of a TV movie (at Twin Peaks) or as a mini series (at Fargo, except cards). This information is linked to the new three-year contract (estimated at $ 50 million) signed by Vince Gilligan for Sony TV, producer of Breaking badly (Better call Saul be a Netflix production). One way for the company to strengthen its creations and collaborations at a time when the acquisition of franchise and production boxes accelerates.

Thin details about the story and cast

Albuquerque Journal, the local newspaper at the theater in the series in the series, reports a first mysterious synopsis: "The movie will regain the escape of a kidnapped man and his pursuit of freedom". For the fans, the character of the series that may be the first of the first line of synopsis may be Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul) who, thanks to Walter White, managed to escape from Jacks and his headquarters of Neo Nazi gangsters before darkening in the darkness and flies in his hands. Of course, this is just an interpretation, but we imagine that Vince Gilligan creates a story about the transformation of Pinkman, vaguely addressed theme already in Better call Saul where in a few sequences we discover Saul Goodman's new life after the events of Breaking badly.

No casting information has been filtered yet. But with production starting this month, we can expect more revelations.

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