Friday , June 25 2021

Youtube: Pokémon Go Streamers Campaign to Create a Community Day Anniversary | video | Niantic | Community Day | shiny | Video game

As thousands of coaches could participate in the latest Community Day in Pokémon GO, another large group of people did not succeed in being part of the event or caught Cyndaquil Shiny. For this reason, a YouTube campaign has been created for Niantic to create a day in the community with everyone Pokémon which has been a part of this celebration.

The authors of this campaign are the Spanish youtuber Paranoias Game and Draco Game, which through a video on their channel Youtube They invited all their subscribers to use hashtag #CommunityDayAnniversary to come to Niantic and fulfill the order of these streamers and thousands of Pokémon GO fans.

In addition, Draco decided to contact Niantic via Twitter to suggest the idea of ​​having one Community Day with all Pokémon who have been part of this event in 2018 for new users or those who were unable to capture creatures like Pikachu, Dratini, Larvitar and more in version Shiny Or usually for personal reasons. The response from the company was immediate and, in addition to thanking Youtuber's initiative, said they study it internally.

This response has given great pleasure to all users, including Kiebron, Pocémon GO's popular youtuber, happy streamers from their Twitter account for the great idea and shared hashtag to make the event come true around the world.

As is known, Community Day They are celebrated every month in the world and users are already wondering a day from society for December month, which would force Niantic to celebrate Community Day Anniversary in Pokémon GO for January month.

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