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What you should and should not be when you buy at El Buen Fin 2018


In Mexico it is common to hide offers with months without interest.

MEXICO CITY.- This year, Good End will take place from 16-16 November. According to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), months without interest (59.3% in commercial stores and 42.7% in service stores) were the main form of payment.

In addition to knowing if there are good discounts on the prices of some products, what are there in this type of sale are the months without interest. But not everything is worth buying on credit and paying it a year or more.

According to Freddy Domínguez, co-founder of, the first rule of thumb is to buy months that "life's service or product is longer than the time to be paid."


For example, if it is a holiday for Christmas in 12 months, it is not profitable because it continues to be paid after you have used the service.

For a very obvious reason, it's not advisable, "Psychically, you know that you pay for something that you have already experienced," says Domínguez.

With common sense to acquire months without interest, it is appropriate that "the service or product is longer than the period you pay months without interest."

Buying in installments is best to buy assets or durables like a washer, dryer, refrigerator, computers or even a car.

The useful life of the product is significantly superior to the time it takes to pay for months, says the co-founder of


It is advisable that it must be proportionate to the time the good will last.

A computer is advisable to acquire it for 12 months, but to 48 no longer, as the technology ages very quickly.

Any suitable amount to spend?

In this regard, Freddy Domínguez is very specific. "The most important point is to know what you need and what does not matter … it may sound very obvious, but you have to ask yourself if it's wise to buy it."

The contractor points out that the second rule of thumb to buy in the season of offers is:

The issue of months without interest, never, under any circumstances, your debt payments must exceed 30% of your monthly income. "

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Offers that are not offers

In Mexico it is common to hide offers with months without interest. The easy way to know if a discount is correct is to compare prices. In any case, what you can benefit from is to buy in months, even if the product has the same price as a lifetime.

During this time, a useful consumption can be made, especially in electronic and white line for the home. It is in these departments where it is profitable to acquire products at a very good price and with deferred payments.

The third rule according to Dominguez is: "The issue of months without interests is not necessarily bad, you just need to know how to use them."

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