Thursday , October 28 2021

Víctor Flores returns to protest as Secretary General of the Railway Union


MEXICO CITY (APR) .- With the note taken, Víctor Flores Morales protested on Wednesday as Secretary General of the Union for Rail Workers in Mexico (STFRM) for the period 2018-2024.

With 23 years as the leader of the trade union, Flores was the only one who was registered for the position with his union's democracy mall. The bill is still ongoing in the 39 sections and the solution of the challenges before the Settlement and Arbitration Settlement Committee (JFCA).

Ferrocarrileros and Acción Group, led by Benito Bueno Rentería, informed Apro Since September 13, the four challenges were submitted to the reversal process by Víctor Flores Morales, who received the note of the Directorate-General for the Registration of Trade Unions at the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

"We ask for the election's invalidity, that a new election is called national secretary that guarantees free and secret ballot, equality, justice, democracy and social justice," he said in an interview.

Since Carlos Salinas de Gortari privatized the National Railroads, union pensioners have accused STFRM leaders of using the liquidation process to demolish them with more than 30 billion pesos they had saved since 1932 in the community "Previsión Obrera".

They also condemned him to use the Ferronales Jub.5012-6 confidence as a small box to divert resources in favor of PRI candidates. The trial, filed at the law firm's office, has not been developed.

The organization of railroad specialists in the Mexican Republic aroused him in 2001 and 2004 for the indicated measures, but there are other proceedings against him for the sale of real estate, property to Ferronales, for his personal benefit. In 2005, Flores was a federal alternate through the plurinominal road.

In 2013, it was announced that there were more than 14,000 trials for labor conflicts over the eradication of Ferronales, which until then included more than 70,000 former railway workers. And is it that retirees are deducted 1% of their pension for union fees, equivalent to almost 8 and a half million pesos a month.

Bueno Rentería, Secretary-General in Section 31 of the Railways Association, corresponding to Chihuahua, condemned Flores Morales to hold back the payment of bonuses to 265 union workers since 2014.

In addition, it has been condemned for illegal sale of houses and a fraud to retirees in Empalme, Sonora.

Among other overruns known for Flores Morales, amateur motorization, is to hire hostesses to accompany him in public activities and the hundreds of gift. In 2003, he bought 70% of the Veracruz Carnival ticket price, and he has also given Vogue jackets to PRI deputies.

The defendant joined STFRM's management to cover the period 1995-1998, but in the last year he convened a national convention which forced the workers to extend their term of office for three years. On the verge of ending the period, he modified another convention that his opponents thought manipulated that he changed the charter before Vicente Fox adopted the presidency, to stay for another six years as a leader.

He did the same in 2017, when he called the election early so that his termination ended on August 15 after the presidential election. And after the triumph of Andre Manuel López Obrador, Flores planned his new opening on Wednesday, January 7, before the presidential election adopts the presidency of the Republic.

The change of the statutes of STFRM in 2017 contained the assignment of four meetings for Flores in union management. That is why the resolution has called all parts of the railways to take refuge in order to democratize its union. (Process 2180).

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