Tuesday , September 28 2021

This is the secret so your mobile battery lasts longer

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Turning off Wi-Fi, reducing screen brightness, and even turning off apps are some of the most common tricks to do your mobile phone do much longer, but Google Just point in a small way that can save you from getting out of a phone.

During a session that Google had with application developer Android, the company showed How to use many colors in an app can make a cell phone battery last less; so he recommended to use dim position or dark mode.

What is basically the choice that several applications like YouTube or Twitter have to do their applications have a black background instead of white.

How will this help with your battery? By having more black pixels, the phone needs less power to illuminate them with colors on the screens OLED.

To show this, the company used Pixel to test and show applications with dark mode consume less battery than those that are full of bright colors.

Why does it only work with OLED screens?

Unlike LCD monitors, devices with display OLED must turn on all pixels, while LCD technology uses backlight to illuminate all pixels simultaneously.

This way, OLED monitors can provide better resolution and brighter colors, including black, because it does not need to brighten up a pixel and give it a deeper tone.

This trick works on all phones with OLED screen, such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 and Note 9, as well as the latest iPhone models.


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