Friday , July 1 2022

The new controversy of Eduardo Vargas in Mexico


The turboman is left in the hurricane's eye and was now separated from training with a partner.

A curious and very annoying situation lived Eduardo Vargas in the education of tigers. The national team was separated Rafael Carioca of his DT, Tuca Ferretti.

Situation that occurred due to the poor performance of the work done by Chilean and Brazilian. Therefore, Ferretti decided to send them to work in differentiation with technical assistant Hugo Hernández, which caused discomfort in athletes.

But everything got worse when Tuca noticed that they still did things that were incorrect, and before the little enthusiasm showed, decided to send them home. Despite his anger to break down to do things that were wrong, Edu was not as stupid as Carioca did.

An action by the Mexican casting president lowered the profile. "I see it as a positive question, by the group association, that these kinds of frictions depend on the requirements the coaching staff and the players themselves want and it is good that there is also a character in the court to take these things forward," he assured Miguel Angel Garza.

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