Sunday , December 6 2020

The judge denies the action for annulment; will remain in prison

The former boss of Ministry of Social Development (Sedesol), Rosario Robles will remain in prison and his criminal proceedings for “Master scammer“, will continue in the process.

This was decided by the judge, Ganther Alejandro Villar Ceballos, who rejected the dismissal requested by Roble’s defense, in which he claimed that violation of the misconduct of public service it has already been repealed and must be monitored through administrative channels

The judge based his decision on the fact that the defense’s arguments did not differ from those presented since the trial was linked and that the reasons supporting them must be made at the oral trial.

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Consequently, the interim hearing was postponed because Roble’s defense showed that he needed time to gather expertise.

The judge called until December 8 next at 10:00 for a middle corner where the evidence of the defense and Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) and it will be decided who will be relieved in court.

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