Friday , July 30 2021

The funny video of Thalia dances very sensuously on a table

The singer published a fun video on the network where she is seen very relaxed and dancing on board with a friend.

The joy that Thalia He broadcasts on social networks through his photos and video shows that he goes through his personal and professional best moments. Therefore, his followers are never bored with their sensual and fun publications.

This time, the Mexican singer and actress loaded a video on her Instagram account that caused a mess among her followers, as she can be seen in a very sexy way on a table next to Brazilian singer Anita.

Those present were not slow at the recording of the moment and Thalia It was transformed, again in the center of attention. "This happens when two creatures with the same madness come together," the actress wrote.

With a translucent dress, Thalia shined on Grammy's red carpet

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