Thursday , July 29 2021

The American professor disappeared in Chihuahua, killed by a drug dealer: Javier Corral

Chihuahua .- The American Patrick Braxton Andrew, Young American Professorwho was reported missing in the mountains of Chihuahua, was killed on 28 October at a place called La Playita, in the municipality of Urique, in the hands of drug trafficker José Noriel "N", alias El Chueco.

They have not managed to find the body Patrick Braxton

The above was confirmed by Governor Javier Corral when he announced that the state prosecutor's office has constituents that confirm the crime even if the body has not been located or has succeeded in claiming the responsible person, the leader of a crime cell in Sierra Tarahumara.

"During the progress of the investigation, I can say that it was a cowardly and brutal murder, a totally innocent person, a mere man whose accident would cross his walk with this malenro," said the head of state.

Patrick, an explorer who loved Mexico

"From Patrick we have received from many people, the best views. I have seen several of his walks in different parts of Latin America in photography, a human face with the call of an explorer who loved Mexico and its people, therefore, he taught Spanish on his university ".

He said it was completely wrong that he was looking for marijuana because he was a young teacher free of charges to which parents of his school entrusted his children to attend concerts. It is a vileness, perhaps spread by the same bad guys trying to justify its cruelty.

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