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Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man and more immortal, loses his last stroke of 95

Stan Lee is perhaps one of the biggest fiction creators in the last 50 years. He managed to place as popoons, signs that were first born in the comedy, and later became blockbusters.


Stan Lee announces he is suffering from pneumonia through a VIDEO for his fans

Los Angeles, November 12 (EFE / SinEmbargo) .- Stan Lee, the toy legend and the creator of symbolic characters like Spiderman or Hulk, However, today in Los Angeles (EU) at the age of 95, reported media specializing in celebrity news TMZ.

"My dad loved all his fans. He was the most decent and big man," he said TMZ Joan Celia Lee, daughter of the artist.

The author had suffered many health problems in recent times and had lost in 2017 to Joan Lee, the woman with which he was married for almost seven decades.

Stan Lee He reported in February that he suffered from pneumonia. In a video he said: "I have a small episode of pneumonia, but it seems to be better. I want you to know that I'm thinking of you, of course I always think of my fans. I hope they are good and I miss them. "

On Monday morning he was taken from his home in Hollywood Hills to Cesars-Sinai Medical Center, where he died. So far, the causes of his death have not yet been revealed.

In February, Stan Lee announced that he had pneumonia. Photo: EFE


Stanley Martin Lieber, born in Manhattan, New York on December 28, 1922. He is recognized in the world for creating legendary characters like Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, The Fantastic 4, Thor, Avengers, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, X -The Scarlet Witch, among many other superheroes, is almost always followed by cartoon artists Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby.

The work of Stan Lee It was fundamental to expand the company Marvel Comics, takes her from a small advertising house to a large multimedia company. Marvel's drawings are also distinguished by keeping the legend "Stan Lee presents "on the labels of their presentations.

He worked as an executive producer in many of the movies his characters are based on and also participated in those who did cameos.

In 1980 he left his native Manhattan to settle in Los Angeles and develop Marvel Productions, a subsidiary of Marvel intended for the creation of cartoon series, TV shows and movies.


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In various interviews, Read He said that his start in the comic book industry was forced by his father's unemployment.

"My uncle told me they were looking for someone in Timely where he worked. I thought it was interesting to work in a publishing house and learn something temporarily. I was talking to Joe Simon [cocreador, con Jack Kirby, de Capitán América, Antorcha Humana o Namor] and hired me as a boy for eight dollars a week. At that time nobody respected those who created series, "said the revolutionary author and rapporteur.

From there he decided to find Timely, Atlas and Marvel, in the 1960s. Lee already created a successful successful company called POW! Entertainment.

About his heroes and villains, Stan Lee He considered the heroes to stagnate, and therefore he preferred the bad guys: "A hero does not develop so much. Although it can develop, the same number remains one after another, but you need another villain in every adventure. Sometimes you use the same in multiple numbers or you restore it, but you need new enemies. I love to create bad guys. "

Four years ago, in a conversation with the newspaper PlayboyStan talked about his youth and his work as a death writer.

– What do you want it to be yours? -They asked the man whose characters have marked the pop culture of the world.

-My motto is "Excelsior", an old word meaning "onward to a greater honor". It is on the shield of the state of New York. Go ahead, and if you have to leave, leave. Nothing lasts forever. I'm 91 years old If I have to leave while I'm talking to you, I've had a long enough life. I would hate leaving my wife and daughter, but heaven knows it's beyond me. And I do not even believe in the sky – answered "Mr. Marvel."

Stan Lee's work helped expand the Marvel Comics company. Picture: Special

The successful film adaptation of Marvel, where Lee always reserved a small and humorous cameo, had brought the artist back to the media focus.

"Write things you want to read. If you try to write things that you think they point to (see the viewers) want to read, you do not know them but you know yourself. And if you write something you want to read, there must be other people like you (who will like you), "Lee said in August of 2017 in a tribute to his career in Los Angeles.

"What I did was try to write stories that I would like to read and in one way or another it worked," he claimed.

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