Friday , July 1 2022

Reported strong police mobilization in San Juanico (+ video)


Colonies inhabitants San Juan Ixhuatepec, San Juanico, in The state of mexico, reported an invasion of parts of the police by Mexico City and grenades.

The elements of the Edomex police requested police police support to arrest four people accused of theft.

Police mobilization was conducted on the side of Periférico, at the height of Río de los Remedios in Ecatepec.

During the operation guns detonated.

According to statements made in social networks, the agents attacked the residents and left as a balance several injured and injured in companies, cars and homes.

They also indicated that a blockade was made on the Mexico-Pachuca highway.

It was uniformed by Ministry of Public Security capital (SSP CDMX) they should have entered San Juanico when they persecuted alleged criminals to execute their detention, the media indicated.

In online videos, agents are seen that attack a man who was on the ground and removed him from his mobile phone.

Right now, another police element kicks the door of a house until it is possible to open it and enter.

With media information

Residents are blocked

By Iván Mejía

Residents of the area of ​​San Juan Ixhuatepec, Tlalnepantla, The state of Mexico blocked the Mexico-Pachuca highway after accusing an assault on the authority of parts of the public security secretariat in Mexico City (SSP-CDMX).

About 22:30 hours, within the borders of the capital and the Mexican unit, a police mobilization of capitalists was recorded to capture an adopted group of thieves.

However, through social networks, different videos and images were spread where a group of police officers were observed to rape different people, including women. Some agents are also seen as attacking real estate in the area, also known as San Juanico.

"What happens in San Juanico why this abuse of authority, they almost come into my house, kicks and knocks on my door, this is Mexico," publicly on his Twitter account, a witness of the fact identified as @enriquedsdz.

Following the events that were recorded where the police's parts of the capital were involved, the residents blocked the Mexico-Pachuca highway, at the height of the Risco Church.

So far, the capital police have not expressed their position on this abuse of authority as indicated by the residents of San Juanico, or if they had permission from the Mexican authorities to enter the unit.


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