Monday , January 25 2021

Los Cabos Film Festival closes with tribute to Spike Lee

Los Cabos /

After four days of operation, the seventh edition of Los Cabos International Film Festival ended. director Spike lee and the actor Adam Driver They were recognized for their course.

First, it was the actor's turn, which after a video that showed its versatility on the screen received a warm applause from the audience and appreciated the ability to work with filmmakers like Read, Martin Scorsese or Terry Guilliam, who was appointed to deliver the price.

"I've been very lucky to have a job for the past nine years, having a job for an actor is incredible. Working with two people like Terry Gilliam and Spike Lee, who has been inspired by their movies, has been a glory. the festival for this moment of reflection, thanks to the people who gave me the opportunity and the hotel that made me good margaritas, "the actor said, whether he should stay in our country.

Then it was the turn of Spike lee With the energy that characterizes it and accompanied by the tape players Blackkklansman, Adam Driver and Laura Harrier, the author was pleased with the audience's reception.

"I am very happy to be here, we live in difficult times, the US president says Mexicans are rapists, killer, drug trafficking says he will build a wall you will pay. We live in very difficult times, we have to be on the right side of the story and we have to choose love over hatred, "he expressed to get the most thoughtful ovation of the night.

Regarding the recognitions in this edition, the winner ofl Bobo Prize it was The Devils advocateThe Gabriel Figueroa Foundation Prize was for Labor produced by Michel Franco, the first Cinecolor award went on I'm not here anymore, The recognition of Los Cabos Workers was also for Labor and the main price of the night, the Los Cabos competition was too Genesis.


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