Tuesday , September 28 2021

Liguilla and Tuca Ferretti – Criterio Hidalgo

Ladies and gentlemen, Liguilla is a match to be determined and Cruz Azul, America and Pumas are classified, like Santos and Monterrey.

We can believe that Toluca and Tigres are also classified, although they have hard games to come, they are teams that have won a lot of the tournament, maybe eighth place is the one who is in dispute, but there is an advantage with Morelia, Pachuca who goes against Leon and Queretaro lost their chance, although the result of the next round could also be crossed.

I think the best of the season has been La Máquina, we can not deny it, it had a very good season, it was always in the first places, it was in first and second place and it did not come down from there, it played well , in some matches It was not what was expected, but it was strong, solid, more rounded with good players.

Between America and Pumas, the eagles have more equipment, more players, but Pumas has ordered their team well, has given importance to David Patiño, who always knew the edge of the precipice, who threw the one who fell, and it stayed there and has third place deserved. With 29 points, with one less than one team that spent much more like America and with 4 points less La Máquina, who also spent more.

Pumas got his 36th rating on a Liguilla, it is the fifth highest number in the Mexico league's history, and it speaks well about the team. It can be eliminated, yes, like any of the above teams, as Pumas has played well, it fits without a doubt.

By the way, the Mexican national team already traveled to Argentina with a very serious loss like Hirving Lozano, because he could not travel due to a leg injury, it is a very delicate loss because he would have looked a lot.

Ricardo Ferretti met a thousand 81 games that ruled in the first division, it seems simple plus those missing because he has a contract for another two years and reaches a legendary and historic Mexican football player Nacho Trelles, who is already 102 years old and living, fortunately.

In addition, he reached his tournament 50 and with a thousand 81 it's not easy, what happens that Tigres has not been good for travel, national team, list and battle with the bosses, with the players and first you have to focus on match against Argentina and return to go with everything in Liguilla.

Ferretti has led Pumas, Chivas, Tigres, Toluca, Morelia, has headlines, has rated 37 Liguillas and it's not easy, has been champion on 6 occasions and is the only coach in the league that has been running continuously since 1991.

All this talks well about technical and soccer projects, something behind the national team today.

At the moment, Liguilla is on the doorstep, an interesting week awaits us.

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