Tuesday , August 16 2022

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Inegi registers a variation of 4.56% in one year

MEXICO CITY .- The consumer price index (INPC) recorded a variation of 4.56% annual interest rate in the first half of November, reported Inegi yesterday.

The figure for the first half represents a slowdown in consumer prices compared to the second half of October, a period in which inflation recorded a change of 4.87% per annum.

This percentage represented its lowest level in the last 10 weeks. The data was lower than expected from the survey analysts consulted by Bloomberg, which predicted a price fluctuation of 4.61%.

Overall, the underlying component of the index – which only covers consumer goods and services performance, eliminates volatility in agricultural prices and predetermined prices such as energy and transport – amounted to 3.63% in one year.

Within this component, it was observed that the price increase in both goods and services decreased compared with the second half of October when reporting variations of 3.87% and 3.39%, respectively.

The non-core component – which includes the prices of goods and services affected by external factors such as climate or international markets – had an annual variation of 7.46%, which was the lowest level since the first fourteen days of June.

On the other hand, the energies and tariffs that the government approved to moderate their prices and accumulated three fortnight continued to the disadvantage and recorded a variation of 10.58%.

Despite the slowdown in energy products, electricity was the product that contributed most to inflation during the first fifteen days of November and recorded an increase of 23.39%. The green tomato, other fresh chili and tomato also reported twice a week in their prices of 21.62%, 11.10% and 9.40% respectively.

In its two-week fluctuation, inflation rose by 0.61%, the underlying component increased by 0.19% and the non-core component increased 1.89% .- El Financiero

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