Tuesday , June 28 2022

Guillermo Hoyos highlights Atlas's work


Atlas technician Guillermo Hoyos rescued several points after the tie, which got his equipment before the lion, to the time that also acknowledged that his eleventh after the expulsion of Cristian Calderón was completely blurred.

"I have divided the game into two. The first half and part of the other I liked, as the team searched, had the ball, made quick changes. The team came and looked for him, Leon, he has big players, he is worth the tournament long ago. Happy with the proposal he did, but later it becomes blurred, we can say that the changed horizon (it was concentrated) through the exposition. "

Having become Atlas with 10 elements for expelling Calderón led the team to settle in the field, the lines were very far apart and I will try to address these problems, because it is certainly not the only time you will meet this type of situations.

"Leon made a total possession of the game, we tried to continue in the quest for the match, we are pleased with the defensive security, the expectation, how the team was shown and we are heading for a development of this team."

He retained the result, despite the resignation of Cristian Calderón in the second half.

Technicians see a significant growth in their team, both individually and in groups, making him happy, because you can see that the work they do is pay, which is deserving of, even though the team is defeated by the failed championship, do not lower your arms.

"We see important individual and collective concepts".

Ricky Álvarez suffered a blow. The technician waits two days to see how he reacts and specifically knows what time it takes for recovery.

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