Saturday , June 25 2022

Fraga and Ventura succeed in Mexico


Of how little or much their bulls had, like Enrique Fraga, the farmer, said to Diego Ventura, he learned how much Ghost had, a beautiful bull with a great presence and excellent games that the lusitanian rejón tower got mounted on Bombon, noble stood aboard who carried out the post of the pole and with which he made rejones of punishment.

He continued his performance in the Sueño loops to execute bullfighting on the butt around the circumference of the circle and extinguish the banners. With Gitano he succeeded in turning the bird's turn to switch with ornaments twice, then switching to his star, Dollar called to place banderoles with two hands without fabric and only with the horse's handling with his legs and finally he rescued Toronjo who put short flags in Rosen's fate and when he used to use the line of death, the lines were filled with white handkerchiefs and the judge, without thinking much, granted the forgiveness.

Thus, the Portuguese reunion and Michoacan breeders gave the triumphant return to the arena between the general ovation and the popular satisfaction.

With the opening, Ventura was as good at Jaguar, Oro, Colombo and Toronjo, but was wrong with the lethal reign and applauded.

Enrique Ponce faced Don Luis, a protested burel out with whom he had brilliant moments on the right side and changed his hand, realized the fate of his invention, Poncina and was killed by driving force slightly fallen to get an ear after the majority demand protested at receipt of it. In his second, boring and insufficient, he proceeded to try to get rid of work without achieving much and his work was quiet.

In the case of Octavio García el Payo, he had no luck with his party. His first, a bullet and without transfer but who hit Picador Erick Morales, left him virtually nothing and retired in silence.

With the seventh of the celebration, it started well, but when one rounded on the right side, he hit a gore so he was taken to the hospital he did not leave. The bull was killed by Ponce and he heard pat.

The celebrity Benjamin, Luis David Adame, was varied with the cloak and misleading in their respective tasks to get a balance between silence and palms after being sent in the late afternoon.

Gustavo Campos and Héctor García distinguished themselves by placing banderillas and the young picador César Daniel Morales after excellent pujazo.

For the next Sunday, the company announced to Ignacio Garibay in favor of the ring Sebastián Castella and Diego Silveti, who will need to handle copies of La Estancia.

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