Friday , June 25 2021

Felipe Calderón departs to PAN

Former president of Mexico, Felipe Calderón - Photo: Cuartoscuro

Former president of Mexico, Felipe Calderón – Photo: Cuartoscuro


The former president Felipe Calderón Hinojosa departed the afternoon on this Sunday to 30 years of militia in National Action Party (PAN) before what is described as the imminent victory of Marko Cortés Mendoza to the national leadership of the political institute.

After voting in PAN's internal elections in favor of Manuel Gómez Morin, Calderón Hinojosa presented his departure by letter addressed to the President of the National Executive Committee (CEN), Marcelo Torres Cofiño.

Because the click that controls the party completely abandoned the basic principles, basic ideas and suggestions of PAN, "Calderón Hinojosa claimed in his resignation.

Since last week, who was the second PAN president after Vicente FoxHe had expected him to resign from PAN if his candidate did not win the internal struggle for the national PAN leadership.

Calderón Hinojosa was distanced from PAN from the line of Gustavo Madero and later under the direction of Ricardo Anaya.

The rejection of Felipe Calderón against Anaya and his CEN candidate, Marko Cortés, is premised by the marginalization made by Anayismo in PAN against the former president's wife Margarita Zavala to close it for the possibility of being a presidential candidate, leading her to resign in 2017 to the party's joints.

Calderón Hinojosa also recently had a lapidary phrase against Marko Cortés, who accused him of teaching his "good teacher" and now betraying Ricardo Anaya, dismissing from the president's exambederado.

The core of Marko Cortés is betrayal, corruption and hypocrisy. Now he even advises Ricardo Anaya himself. I'm not saying he does not deserve it, but at least he would have stayed a little before he managed to avoid his responsibility in the PAN disaster, "pointed out exmandatario.


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