Wednesday , October 5 2022

Eating pistachios helps you reduce stress


No one can resist eating only one, they are a rich snack and easy to find. We are talking about pistachios, the fruit of the oily family (nuts), which, in addition to delicious, a new study showed that they are good for reduce stress.

The research carried out by Pennsylvania State University now gives us another reason to include pistachios in the diet. And what is needed? Mexico is the first country with the highest level of labor tension, according to the World Health Organization.

But what is the study about? The researchers focused on two groups of patients with write two diabetes, who received two different healthy diets (a accompanying pistachio shampoo) to know the effects on blood pressure and hemodynamics, as control of blood pressure in diabetes is crucial to reducing morbidity and mortality according to researchers.


Benefits of eating pistachios.

After four weeks of diet, the participants underwent two stress tests. The first was to solve an arithmetic problem; the other, put your hand in frozen water.

The results, which had consumed the pistachios, presented blood vessels more relaxed, greater control of the nerves of the heart and a less vascular congestion.

The consumption of pistachios, as indicated, reduces heart disease in diabetic patients.


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