Friday , July 1 2022

Congress places Bernardo as head of Monterrey City Council


Although the academic Luis Galn Wong was first outlined, the New Lenten Congress approved by majority the former State Secretary General Security Council Bernardo Gonzlez to lead the council to administer Monterrey municipality for the coming months until the incoming mayor takes a protest.

The legislators approved the opinion taken by the plenary session of the Commissioner, under the leadership of Deputy Claudia Tapia. The election, with 36 votes in favor, contained abstentions from Movimiento Ciudadano caucus, which accused last minute impositions and privileges for other figures of the congress.

The choice of Bernardo on the table was a move that already began to evaluate earlier days. But this had not been presented to the House since the former security secretary waited for the approval of Governor Jaime Rodriguez Caldern, except to not sympathize with leaving the cabinet to lead the municipality for only one month.

With the support of Bronco, the political environment began to appreciate a wider leadership of the Council, as the environment for lack of resources between the government and the election commission to get the election begins to look positive that the extraordinary election is covered. until January or February 2019.

Gonzlez Garza, a man close to The proprietor of the Federal Consumer Agency, Rogelio Cerda Prez, has headlined the headlines in the last few weeks after dealing with that the state assumes Polica de Monterey's commander during the time there is no elected mayor, in addition to the security of San Pedro municipality.

Francisco Cienfuegos, leader of the PRI bench, said that the task of appointing the President of the Council was the profile of someone with "professionalism, who can take care of the municipality and who knows how to build an impartial way what Monterrey people demand."

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In addition to Gonzlez Garza, the incorporation of two sndicos was approved, Liliana Flores Benavides and Luis Gerardo Trevio, in addition to that 27 members of Cabildo Denys Larios, Alfredo Rodrguez, Tania Departure, Toms Macas, Mara Algeria Bridge, Ranulfo Martnez, Valeria Flores Gauna, Gregorio Hurtado, Olivia Arellano, Aurelio Collado, Nora Livas, Edgar Romo Garca, Mayela Concepcin, Ricardo Tamez Flores, Ana Karen Garca Sifuentes, Vector Cruz Zermeo, Mara Padilla Jalpa, Bernardo Aguilar Montiel, Blanca Lpez de la Garza, Hernn Villarreal Rodrguez, Liliana Sols Barrera, Jos Isabel Meza, Greece Benavides Flores, Alberto Palomino Garza, Mara Rosaura Gonzlez, Guillermo Femat Lozano and Priscila Vera.

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