Tuesday , April 20 2021

Alibaba breaks record with sales of US $ 30 802 million in China on its only day – Télam

The company was founded by Jack Ma, one of the richest men in China, exceeding fifteen hours and 49 minutes, the sales achieved on the candidate day last year, which amounted to 168.269 billion yuan (approximately 25.386 million dollars)).

The record exceeded at 15.49 and at the end of the day, the company managed to sell 26.9% more than last year and confirmed that this day, created by the giant electronic commerce 10 years ago, is already an icon for Chinese consumers.

With still preliminary data, more than one million orders were made, mostly via mobile phones, and everything that was bought belongs to 40 percent of international brands.

Although most purchases were made in China, there were transactions in many countries and Japan, the United States and Korea were the international regions where most sales occurred while Spain was in eighth place.

During the 24 hours on Bachelor Day (or Double 11, held in the 11th eleven month), there are usually more than double sold "Black Friday" and Cyber ​​Monday ("Cyber ​​Monday"), the days when American stores start their offerings.

At the festival, which occurred in 2009 with the participation of only 27 stores and a collection of only 52 million yuan, this year participated in a total of 180,000 brands, said the agency EFE.

According to data published by the company, 46% of buyers are people born from the nineties and the products sold most were cosmetics.

At a press conference, the CEO of Alibaba Group, Daniel Zhang, assured that today's success has to do with the company's "development over the past ten years" and that it will continue to go in that direction, as a whole, "new era" of consumption in China.

The boss, who next year will assume the presidency of the company after the already announced departure from Ma, declared that one of the main goals for the future is to make this day become global.

"It is our dream to create a global shopping day," said Zhang, who recalled that in 2000 the double 11 was held for the first time in several countries in Southeast Asia thanks to the Lazada platform.

It works in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam while other parts of the world work Alibaba thanks to the Aliexpress platform, which has participated in the conference for several years.

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