Friday , July 1 2022

After persecution, subjects will enter the university and cause panic



Government officers noticed the stopping of the crew of a suspicious vehicle while traveling on East Boulevard at the height of the Las Delicias quarter in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, The subjects were ignored and accelerated at full speed and attempted to avoid the authorities.

This led to a persecution that ended when the suspects fought against a CFE metal pole, which is in front of University of Tamaulipas Technology.

The subjects came down from the injured unit and entered the educational establishment, which It caused panic among students and teachers.

Elements of several companies went into their search, but they disappeared from the student mass.

After careful inspection of the facilities, it was reported that The suspects managed to escape.

The fire team came to choke the flames of the abandoned vehicle, as it started catching fire.

At the same time University of Tamaulipas Technology he said in a statement as said the situation nor caused any event on campus, so it continued to carry out daily activities under the supervision of security, teaching and administrative staff.


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