Friday , July 30 2021

22 units are spent $ 912 million on mobile phones

FP denies providing a list of recipients of the "security" communications service


MEXICO CITY .- Over the past 12 years, the use of mobile phones in 22 public institutions has cost the federal treasury 912 million 468 thousand 955 pesos.

In response to the request for information received by EL UNIVERSAL, it is detailed that this cost increases due to the fact that during the six years as former President Felipe Calderón from 2006 to 2012 was allocated 404 million 745 thousand pesos while the current federal administration This Cost has been, until August of this year, of 507 million 723 thousand 951 pesos.

The documentation provided shows that the federal police, the law firm's office (PGR), the federal court council (CJF), the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the federal electricity commission (CFE), the secretariat communications and transportation (SCT) and the defense (Sedena), as well as the deputies, are the bodies that have spent the most on this service.

In his 50-degree effort plan, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, elected President of Mexico, proposes in section 42 to save telephone and internet services in public deprivations.

The federal police (PF) is the institution that has invested the most, because in the letter PF / OCG / DGE / 4489/2018 it was detailed that in the last two sexies 176 million 137 thousand 923 pesos have been paid. However, when requesting the name and position of the people who have this support, PF responded that the information is classified as reserved, as it would risk the life and security of these servers.

PGR is another of the institutions that have allocated the most money to mobile telephony, since 2006 it has paid almost 160 million pesos and based on budget line 315-01, 173 173 public employees have this advantage.

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