Wednesday , October 20 2021

Maszlee gives up the IIUM President Post – Nation


PETALING JAYA: Minister of Education Maszlee Malik (picture) has agreed to refrain from serving as President of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

Free Malaysia Today reported that Maszlee agreed to abandon the post, waiting for his replacement by a suitable candidate.

"He is in the middle of appointing someone to replace him. However, the process will take time, as consent is needed from the Prime Minister and the Sultan in Pahang, told a minister of the Minister FMT.

This news comes days after Wan Saiful Wan Jan abruptly aborted as a special advisor to Maszlee.

The Sultan of Pahang, who is the constitutional head of the IIUM, allegedly called Maszlee as the Vice President.

However, the decision was not good with any student groups who said it was against the coalition act not to put politicians in charge of academic institutions.

The news portal also noted that the government recently discussed talks from the Maszlee student groups to leave the management.

Aiden told the FMT that Maszlee had decided to delay his graduation from university until the end of his four day gathering, which begins tomorrow.

"It still needs a president, and after the conversation, the replacement process will take place. It's a fair process," added the aide.

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