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Shafie Apdal controls a fish in a wet market. – Bernama photo

SEMPORNA: The Sabah government has noted the level of cleanliness in all areas of the state with the launch of the Litter-Free Sabah program yesterday.

Semporna was chosen as the pioneer district to implement the program because of Mohd Shafie's dissatisfaction with the district's purity, appointed by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal.

"At the moment we can see rubbish everywhere, either on land or in the sea, and it is the responsibility of local people to deal with the level of cleanliness in the district," he said in his speech.

"As a district blessed with beautiful natural and marine tourism attractions, the communities in Semporna must play their part in eliminating garbage everywhere, including in their own villages.

"I want Semporna to be known as a famous destination with many tourist attractions and not as a dirt site," he said, adding that the program would be extended to other districts to ensure that the purity level did not adversely affect the tourism sector.

He also wanted the Semporna City Council to be restructured and to clean its key performance index, which would be supervised by District Manager Blanus Kontong.

In a related development, Mohd Shafie Apdal wanted the contractors responsible for cleaning in all district councils in the state to be examined.

The study needed to be conducted to see if the contractors appointed by the former government delivered their jobs as stipulated in the agreement, he said.

He said in a new Malaysia that services were not created for contractors or any political entity, without protecting people's well-being.

"It's time for us to make some changes, including giving the best in health care and education," he told reporters after visiting Semporna Hospital yesterday.

He admitted that the government was aware that hospitals' facilities, like medicines, demanded urgent attention.

For example, he said that Semporna Hospital not only experienced a lack of competence and medicine but also equipment.

"This is one of the reasons why we create the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs to focus on rural areas and the poor's healthcare, so they will get the attention of the government," he said.

Meanwhile, Mohd Shafie said that the restructuring of the Sabah Water Department (JANS) had positive earnings in terms of revenue.

Within two months after the move, including the appointment of a new director, the department had collected RM72 million in revenue, he said, adding that the increase in revenue would ensure that water supply could also be improved. – Bernama

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