Saturday , September 25 2021

Antonio Conte is waiting for the next job as Santiago Solari lands Real Madrid job

Fernando Torres insists he felt he had completed all he needed in Europe before moving to Japan's Tosu saga from Atletico Madrid.

Antonio Conte has insisted he is not in rush to return to coaching after Real Madrid has confirmed that the Spanish Football Association that Santiago Solari will be in charge of the team for at least the rest of the season.

Chelsea and Conte remain locked in a legal dispute about his unreasonable departure from the club in July, with the Italian saying he should be paid in full for the final year of his contract at Stamford Bridge and the club claims that his behavior contributed to his own baggage.

According to reports, Madrid considered that he appointed Conte as successor to the persecuted Christmas Lopetegui last month, but turned his views elsewhere with concern that he would require too much power and counteract a powerful changing room with his uncompromised leadership.

In view of Sky Italy, Conte suggests that he did not feel that Madrid was good and confirmed that he wanted to select his next club carefully.

"Hoping on a moving train is not good for top buses and at the moment, I do not feel like returning immediately," said Conte. "Maybe I will change myself for two or three months – never say never – but today I'm really convinced that it's best to wait for a very own project."

Sergio Ramos deliberately played a key role in Madrid, who recognized his interest in Conte and expressed his concern privately to President Florentino Perez, publicly pointing out that "respect is won, it is not imposed" to Spanish reporters when Conte was appointed substitute for Lopetegui.

"We must always show education and respect when we come to a new club, and the same must come back from the players, because when there are no such things, it's missing you when you're having trouble," says Conte.

"But I have nothing to say about Real and Ramos – my story speaks for itself, both as a football player and as a coach, and generally it's a winning story, so I do not need to answer anyone."

Contes difficulty in settling in England in England was a constant theme during his time in charge of Chelsea, but he revealed that he and his family have lived in London since his departure.

"I'm fine how things are – my bench is in my own home," he said. "We are still living in London, which is there [my daughter] Vittoria goes to school. "

He added with a smile: "I have told her to learn English well that she can become my translator in the future. She also has football boots and likes football and asks me to coach her a bit. I have already begun teaching her some tactical and technical issues. "

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