Friday , November 27 2020

Veryga took a unifying role and appealed to the winners: she promises help to the new minister

“Dear members of the opposition, I understand that the adrenaline rush after the election still does a lot and my feelings, but I would like to remind you that the election is over. You have already won and form the ruling majority. how to deal with a coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) The public has trusted you in advance, all that remains is to prove that you really know what to do, writes A. Veryga on his Facebook account.

The Ministers of Health ask the election winners to end the unnecessary confrontation and criticism from the ministry. According to him, the situation is currently deteriorating throughout Europe and there is no miracle solution.

“Unfortunately, it does not exist and we will have to work very hard and intensively and look for solutions that are not yet known to anyone. The ongoing confrontation so far has not helped to deal with a situation where society continues to doubt” statistics “, quarantine management measures adopted, and so on. “, writes the Minister.

A. Veryga, re-elected to Seimas and most likely to work in the opposition, demands a “decision as soon as possible” on the ministerial post in SAM and promises to help familiarize himself with the situation.

“I promise I will help that person familiarize themselves with the situation in detail, I will present the existing institutions, staff activities, means so that you do not have to dive into cold water when you start work and try to orient yourself by wasting “precious time. The chaos of changing ministers is the least you want in such a situation. Concentration is very important, because the common goal is to control the spread of this virus as soon as possible.”

I have taken this oath sincerely to this land and will serve it to the best of my ability until the last day of this position. Well, I wish the new minister or ministers good luck and wise decisions! “, Writes A. Veryga.

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