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V. Emanuel: I am dizzy with all the colors of life


"It seems to me that I still did not quite understand what happened," the former Mango actor Victoria Emanuel recalled for the 20th anniversary of Mango. It is true that now "the former" could be called conditional – it has recently been announced that Victoria will once again join the group. The roots of emigration, when they came to the city, said that this magical turning point in life was a magic to Mango.

Great love is rusty

For a while, Victoria will take Rima Petrauskytė-Paulauskienė, a colleague with short moments of maternity leave.

"I was asked – and I did not see it for a long time" yes ". It was also a spontaneous idea of ​​group manufacturers and my spontaneous decision. I knew it would be temporary. And while I have my life in London, it will not be difficult for me to reconcile work here and concerts in Lithuania ", – says the conversation partner.

Just a few months ago, Victoria's career as head of the casino staff has changed into her favorite activities in the beauty area, and now she is busy with eyebrow micropigmentation and is happy to work for herself. In the near future, the practitioner who is fascinated by the vision during his teens hopes to realize his dream of becoming a professional visitor.

"Mango" is my great love.

"I do not mention the current step in my return to the group, for me it's a break from routine, everyday life and of course because I missed the Mango Group for 10 years and it was one of the most beautiful years in my life – from the 17th for the next 30- I grew up with this band and learned a lot from her. "Mango is my great love", a spy dealer.

It works and has

According to Victoria, her financial issues were not of paramount importance to her in the Mango times, but now.

"I've only had the chance to make a concert with Mango, I'm just happy with the feeling. I'm fine, I'm doing well and I can do a lot of work. I have to work well. I'm working well, I have more," says the practitioner.

It was true that Viktoria, when he decided to leave Lithuania, did not survive the funniest year.

"It was a difficult phase in my life, more in connection with personal experience, I felt bad, I did not feel forward, but back." Then I told myself that I either went somewhere or wondered. I went to England without work and no place to live. I'm talking to a friend in a bar, the bar's master comes in and asks if this is our new worker here? I say yes. And on the second or third day I picked up a pallet in my hands "- remember a spy dealer.

Klaipeda man acknowledges that it is strange for her to hear that the countrymen living in service are constantly freaking themselves – they are dishonest, angry and envious.

"At least, the society I'm talking to is wonderful, friendly, creative, hardworking people. Lithuanians helped me a lot, and probably because I came here was hard for me," says Victoria.

And panic and euphoria

Nineteen years ago, a resident of London lived not only a job but also a successful personal life six years ago with his prospective husband, Paul, whom he married a few years ago in his hometown.

"My departure at that time seemed like a fog, and only now I can say that it was one of the best decisions in my life, because I feel happy today. It's not enough for me, and now I've returned to Mango , that's all good, all the colors of life "- a spy dealer

The emigrant who returned to Lithuania more than once a year because of her new activities today, her family and friends joy, her luggage is born more often.

Sure, Victoria does not deny that the return to the stage was not only full of joy and euphoria.

"When I returned in January and with the girls I had appeared in the MAMA awards, I felt I would not cope with the excitement, for a ten-year break was not a joke. I had forgotten what it was. I had forgotten how to communicate with journalists. I was dissociated from cameras, MAMA awards came down to the scene shortly after a panic attack, I felt something like the Mango 20th Anniversary Concert, but when I got up and went to the scene, I never came down from The feelings shared by the call partner.

The star really did not know that

Victoria, who has been lukewarm for Paul's latest support, does not deny that the spouse was easily shocked by the Klaipeda arena.

"Friends said he even fell asleep when he saw such an audience in the arena, and he made a big impression on him," a spy negotiator. "If you tell someone you're a singer in England, they immediately start searching for you on Google., YouTube – they're very interested in the person's name, probably living by the stars. Although it's clear what these stars are in Lithuania, the audience here is not a million, not global, and myself would never feel like a star. "

Today, Victoria is pleased that the "Mango" girls were scattered without anger and without complaints. Otherwise, a group of fans will hardly see them again on stage.

"Rima said she decided to leave Mango, and Lina wanted to go to her husband, who at that time was in England. I was not angry, but it was very annoying that we came to that end. I loved the girl's decision and We did not get lost. I did not hate it, it was just for me that I was the only one who was so bad to let go, I'm generally a lovely man. We've had so many emotions with the girls, we've shared time together from day one we were in a sister's room and you will not see them anymore "- the interviewer opens.

According to Victoria, she saw that life at Mango broke down significantly too early.

"But now I think we have finished everything at the right time. Although we were very popular, we thought we needed some drastic changes so we could push the group further forward. So we go – I will not get it done – The head is on the big stage and do not sing anywhere in the bar, "- a keen artist.

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