Tuesday , August 16 2022

The wealthy Neptune has resisted the rush of Slovenian masters


Tom Andranik and Jerzy Grant traveled to the harbor town at the start of the game, a breakthrough that did not go away – 97:88 (24:17, 32:30, 24:21, 17:20).

Even though the two clubs started playing evenly, the students of Kazy's Maksvytis began to dominate on both sides of the square. Even though the goals did not fall, the 14: 9 Division hamlet ended in the first quarter and introduced the opponents with their own game style.

During the second quarter, the Neptune started a spur 14: 4 and also met 17 points. Yet another 10 points in this tie earned T. Delininkaitis, the defense of gasoline Olympia bites a breakthrough and adds a distant throw. But the Claians who had been in a bad trip had already had an advantage of 9 points at the start of the long break.

After a long break, Neptune resumed and picked up a record breaking 18-point leader. Unfortunately, the students relaxed by K. Maksvytis again, leaving the owners at the same time reducing the deficit to 8 points. The cyclists, who had received the trophy from the coach's staff, managed to concentrate and ruled two-digit differences before the start of the last quarter.

The last quarter was nervous – Petrol Olympia has repeatedly reduced the delay to one to a difference, but good defense and some successful episodes of Gyčio Masiulis and J. Grant have made it possible for us to win victory and victory in Slovenia.

In the FIBA ​​Champions League, Neptune has won 3 victories in 5 games and D in second place.

Ljubljana gasoline Olympia: Miha Lapornika 22, Blazas Mesicekas 16, Mirza Begucius 14.

Klaipeda "Neptune": Tomas Delininkaitis 20, Jerry Grant (9 years ago) and Gytis Masiulis – 16, Laimonas Kisielius and Osvaldas Olisevicius (6th place) – 11th.

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